Check Out ‘Calgary’ From Bon Iver’s Upcoming Eponymous Debut

Check out a new track from Bon Iver’s upcoming eponymous release, ‘Calgary’. It’s a baroque, ever rising collage of subtle noise, not nearly similar the minimalistic tracks of his first album. I think I actually prefer it though. I’m no Bon Iver expert, I like him, rarely listen though. Because of that, don’t take my, I prefer ‘Calgary’ statement to heart, cause I probably don’t even listen to Bon Iver nearly as much as you. But still, whatever, it’s a great track. Check it out.

Bill Withers is Following Me

Courtney, the other writer for this website who never actually writes for this website, but has a few posts…and I joke around about Bill Withers following us everywhere. Before you think we’re suffering from some hallucinatory, paranoid, kinda of acid trip, this demands some more explanation. Basically, almost everywhere we go, for the most part, more often then not, Bill Withers will be playing within earshot at some point throughout the day. Happens all the time. Really weird, but I like it. Probably just a coincidence anyway, but Bill Withers is the man. Here’s ‘Everyone’s Talkin” and ‘Better Days’.

Some Girl Does Sick Rap Covers

Check this chick and dude out. pretty dirty.

Work Day is Almost Over

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Charles Hamilton

Dealing – Jay Electronica

You, Me and the Bourgeoisie – The Submarines

Love Seattle. Never been there, but I love it.

You, Me and the Bourgeoisie – The Submarines

Happy 420, Here’s Some New Must Have Curren$y

Happy Four20. It’s no coincidence that today is also the day Curren$y posted his latest mixtape, ‘Covert Coup’ on Datpiff. The mixtape is produced entirely by Alchemist. Give him credit, the Alchemist produced a mixtape that Hurricane Chris could sound good on. These beats are dirty.

Click the image below to download ‘Covert Curren$y

Click the image to download Curren$y's 'Covert Coup' on DatPiff

Then there’s Curren$y. He’ always remains in good form and consistent. He continues to flex his lyrical abilities on this latest mixtape, which features a few guest appearances as well, including Mobb Deep member Prodigy. This mixtape is straight fire, thats the way I’ve seen a few people describe it and I can’t think of a better word. Necessary download.

The Type ft. Prodigy – Curren$y

Blood, Sweat and Gears ft. Fiend – Curren$y

Hail Mary Mallon

One of my favorite rappers, Huntington, Long Island’s own, Aesop Rock, has teamed up with Rob Sonic and Big Wiz to form hip-hop supergroup Hail Mary Mallon.

I’ve heard a couple songs, namely ‘D-Up’ and ‘Smock’, and both sound promising. Their album, ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?’ is set for release withing the next couple months.

D-Up – Hail Mary Mallon

Stream ‘Smock’ by Hail Mary Mallon through Rolling Stone.