The Goblin Leak

Tyler and his therapist are back. ‘Goblin’ has leaked. It leaked a few days ago I’m pretty sure, but I haven’t gotten around to it until today. The first song seems like an intense presentation of Tyler slowly slipping away from the last bit of his own sanity due to his own anger and personal problems. I’m about to spend the next hour checking out ‘Goblin’. Yes.

Here’s a link to Tyler’s reaction to the ‘Goblin’ leak.

And, here is the link to the much hyped, anxiously awaited, ‘Goblin’. Enjoy the leak.

Tron Cat

Here’s a link to Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Tron Cat’ on XXl.

here’s the download link.

The song sticks to Tyler’s usual subjects, debauchery, violence, sex. The beat and production all sound similar as well, he sticks to the same formula on this song, just bragging and going on like he usually does. Cool stuff though, good track, he sticks to the formula but does it well. Check it out.