BADBADNOTGOOD, Odd Future Jam Sessions

As I promised in my last post, BADBADNOTGOOD does Odd Future, plus a couple videos down, Tyler, the Creator joins in for his first ever jam session. Enjoy.

What’s Up With Example’s New Single?

Are you kidding me with Example’s new shit? I remember when I first heard about him, when he released ‘Hooligans’ with Don Diablo, he was fucking sick. That was when my love for electronic music was really blossoming, and that was definitely one of the hardest, best songs of the year. That shit had 10 times more energy then anything Skrillex has released.

Now he’s got that new shit, ‘Changed The Way You Kissed Me’? That song is terrible, he comes off as a rapper who’s in it for love of the game, not for the cash, but when after this release, you’ve gotta question his motives a bit. I’ll stick with Example’s older tracks, thank you. The mosh pit intensity of ‘Hooligans’ as well as the old school, ecstasy fueled fun of ‘Me & Mandy’ dwarf any argument in favor of that poor excuse for a new release, step it up Example, I like you, it makes me sad when you release shit like ‘Changed The Wat You Kissed Me’. I mean, I get his into the techno shit, but c’mon stick to the ill bangers, not that 1rst grade poetry bullshit. There’s some signs of what could’ve been a quality song in his latest single, but, he’s proved he can do much better.

Kanye’s New Song Mama’s Boyfriend

Kanye unveiled this song a while ago, but the final mastered version just leaked and it sounds great. Love that old school Kanye sound.

Download Mama’s Boyfriend by Kanye West

Here’s the article about the song on Rolling Stone which includes an embedded video with the song.

MellowHype Releases Video for ’64’

Check out the new MellowHype video ’64’. I like MellowHype a lot and think they are an idiosyncratic yet essential piece of Odd Future. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain differ from the OF counterparts because Tyler, the Creator produced songs are actually a minority in their short discography. I think their beats are better then the beats on ‘Earl’ by Earl Sweatshirt, but not quite as good as the beats on ‘Bastard’ by Tyler. And Hodgy Beats definitely stands out as a talented rapper within the clique, not quite Earl Sweatshirt but definitely on the same level as or better then Tyler.

Their new songs pretty good, I especially like the second verse. It definitely doesn’t stand out like other songs, such as ‘Loco’, or ‘Bank Rolls’. It sounds a bit to much like a song trying to fir the Odd Future mold, which isn’t something MellowHype always do and I prefer it that way. Check the song out though, I hope it gets MellowHype some of the spotlight, they deserve it.

Rolling Stone – The Weeknd

The new Weeknd jam. The prominence of the guitar sample kind of reminds me of Frank Ocean a bit. Still got that Weeknd style and swagger though.

Download Rolling Stone

Zero Deck

I’m at work, chillin’, looking at the artists who follow tunegrape on twitter right now. That’s how I found Shad Robinson, and it’s also how I found these guys, Zero Deck. They’re a pretty typical alternative skate punkish kind of band, but they’re entertaining. I’d like a little more passion and energy in the vocals, but still, they entertain me, they have a pretty solid sound that I think they can build on and improve in the future. If you’re into this kind of music, keep an eye out for them.

A lot of tunegrape’s followers are musicians, most likely looking for a review, some attention, whatever. I have no idea why they think following tunegrape, but then never tweeting at the tunegrape twitter, or making any effort to make contact at all, will get them a review. Attention: Future artists who think you’ll get a review by simply clicking follow on Twitter. It’s possible I’ll spot you one day, like today, but for the most part, I probably won’t notice you, unless you make me notice you. That’s how you get discovered. You make the effort to be discovered. This blog isn’t the biggest in the world, but you must be following it for a reason. Contact us. If you’re good, cool, you’ll get a post.

Frank Ocean

After years of disappointments, Frank Ocean finally seems on his way to achieving some mainstream success. Good for him, he deserves it. Here’s on of his better songs, ‘We All Try’.