Absolutely Tragic News: TV on the Radio Bassist Gerard Smith Dies

TV on the Radio announced bassist Gerard Smith, who had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, died yesterday, April, 20, at age 36. He was diagnosed shortly after ‘Nine Types of Light’ was finished, the group has canceled their upcoming shows in order to mourn the death of their close friend.

I was just not expecting to see this headline at all, ever. I was convinced he’d win the battle and be fine. It is so sad to see a member of one of my favorite groups die at 36. He will be missed.

Wolf Like Me (Live on Letterman) – TV on the Radio

Dancing Choose (Live on Letterman) – TV on the Radio

Staring at the Sun – TV on the Radio

Nine Types of Light Movie

TV on the Radio released an hour long movie composed of a combination of music videos for each of the ten songs of their latest release ‘Nine Types of Light’, interspersed with philosophical theories and opinions and discussions of a dream. The album is a collage of psychedelic imagery, humor, music, and philosophical rambling.¬† I probably never would have watched it if I wasn’t sitting around at work when I came across it, but it is pretty worth checking out if you’re a TV on the Radio fan with an hour free and nothing to do.

The video isn’t allowed to be embedded in certain sites…but you can watch it on YouTube here.

Nine Types of Light Leak


Nine Types of Light Cover Art

TV on the Radio’s ‘Nine Types of Light’ was leaked and as I give it a first listen now I can positively say they, once again did not disappoint. The album has a subdued sound to it, quiet and laid back for the most part. There’s a funky groove throughout, and on songs like ‘No Future Shock’ they do get a bit wild and fun, but for the most part the album is quieter, for example the sunny, mostly acoustic number ‘Killer Crane’ with deep strings and what sounds like a slowly plucked banjo accompanying the guitar and¬†Tunde Adebimpe’s vocals.

The unbelievably consistent and eclectic Brooklyn band has done it yet again with Nine Types of Light. They’ve brought a whole new arsenal of sound with them as well. There are sounds that stand out on this album that you’ve probably never heard before on a TV on the Radio album.

Overall it seems a calm has come over the band. Although they have expanded their sound, they’ve done so in a smooth and relaxed way, as if they allowed the music to simply flow through them. I’ve always been a huge TV on the Radio and this album does nothing but further solidify my love for the music this group makes. I’d be more then glad to let this album wash over me anytime.

For those who would like to buy the album, it is set for release on April 12th by Interscope Records.

‘Nine Types of Light’ – TV on the Radio Leak

Will Do – TV on the Radio

Here is one of the louder songs on the album…

Caffeinated Consciousness – TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio Announces Spring Tour Dates in Support of Nine Types of Light

TV on the Radio

In support of he forthcoming release of their new album, “Nine Types of Light”, this spring, TV on the Radio have announced a spring tour, mainly in the Northeast, with more dates to come. The announcement was made in their recently created and until very recently, mostly inactive twitter. The Brooklyn band has received critical acclaim multiple times for the fusion of soul, rock, electronics, and psychedelic among a myriad of other genres.

TV on the Radio Upcoming Tour Dates:

04-08 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
04-09 Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theatre
04-10 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
04-13 New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
04-16 Boston, MA – House of Blues
04-17 Montreal, Quebec – Metropolis
04-18 Toronto, Ontario – Sound Academy
04-20 Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s Hall
04-23-24 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
04-25 Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
05-02 San Diego, CA – 4th and B
06-22 Zagreb, Croatia – T Mobile Inmusic Festival
07-03 London, England – Wireless Festival
07-08 Bilbao, Spain – BBK Live Festival

So, there’s only one question left to ask, who’s coming with me?

Dancing Choose (Live on Letterman) – TV on the Radio

Staring at the Sun – TV on the Radio