Some Late Night Robotaki Highlights

Robotaki’s remix of that DJ Shadow song was so unbelievable I had to cruise his Soundcloud and dig out some more sweet tracks. He takes a very house-ish approach to a good amount of his stuff, a different direction then the DJ Shadow remix, but not bad. I feel like he really does stand out on smoother, more hip-hopish beats. For example:

However he can rock a dirty disco track as well. This dude can seriously craft some pretty funky bangers.

‘Barely Awake’ – Phil the Thrill Stream

Phil the Thrill’s mixtape dropped a few days ago, and it’s blowing up all over the Twitter and blogs. Lyrical substance, a voice that touches on Childish Gambino and an awesome flow, plus some dirty beats. Even slower songs like ‘Serendipity’ and ‘Falling Up’ just capture the listener absolutely. This kid is drowning in potential and this mixtape puts that potential on display in full force. It’s time to give ‘Barely Awake’ a spin before you’re left behind. Phil the Thrill sounds like he’s been in the game forever on tracks like ‘Ashtray’ and ‘Vodka Vibe’ and banger ‘Make You Famous’ is bound to blow up whatever party you’re crawling through, face in the toilet and Gatorade and vodka stains down your shirt.

‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ – Girls

This album was released a few weeks ago, and of course I was a little slow to getting it up here, my mistake. Girls is the brainchild of Christopher Ownes, an artist whose knack for attractive melodies and lo-fi California surf pop is irresistible. On ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost’, they get a little more complex then on their debut album, ‘Album’. Dynamic fluctuations in texture and volume keep you hooked from beginning ’til end, swinging between shaking emotional sparse acoustic whispers to operatic, arena sized celebrations.

‘Honey Bunny’



‘My Ma’

Miracle Worker – SuperHeavy

Here’s an awesome end of summer jam from the new supergroup SuperHeavy, featuring Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, A.R. Rahman and Dave Stewart. I was partially in the loop about this intriguing group of musicians, but never really heard much about them until I took it upon myself to seek them out today. Just discovered this single, ‘Miracle Worker’, and their debut album is coming out within the couple months hopefully. Seriously, how can this go wrong?

WUGAZI Sounds Ill

Ghetto Dreams ft. Nas – Common

Common and Nas tear this track up. I am so pumped for Nas’ upcoming release. He’s been going so hard on tracks lately and the collabs with Frank Ocean he spoke about make this album sound irresistibly ill. On the other hand Common is Common, an unbelievably consistent and talented rapper who will go down, along with Nas, as someone who changed the game forever. This is just two legends spitting over an ill beat. Can’t get better then that.

Penny Hardaway – The Cool Kids

Check The Cool Kid’s new song, ‘Penny Hardaway’ off their up and coming release ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’. This shit goes hard, and a feature from Ghostface Killah doesn’t hurt.