‘Oh Comely’ by Neutral Milk Hotel One of the Greatest Songs Ever?

All day I see my Facebook canvased with Skrillex and Bassnectar and Kaskade and Flux Pavillion and Avicii from morning ’til night. Not gonna front, I love me some Bassnectar (unbelievable live) and Flux Pavillion and I’ve even enjoyed Skrillex at a certain point beyond six or seven beers. Avicii is someone I’ve yet to get into even though I know he’s huge right now and I’ve heard a few of his songs. But there are times when we’ve got to look back and remember the gems from the past, even though it freaks me out to refer to 1998 in that kind of way.

After catching a Kaskade song posted on my Facebook, the first song that came to mind, that I really wanted to listen to, for some reason, was ‘Oh Comely’ by Neutral Milk Hotel. Without a doubt, one of the greatest songs ever recorded. Like, top 10 greatest songs ever recorded. Somewhere up there with ‘Life’s a Bitch’ by Nas and ‘Killing an Arab’ by the Cure. It creeps as close to perfection as music can get. If you listen to that song, and not only don’t like it, but also don’t actually feel it powerfully affect you, you’re favorite artist is probably Hurricane Chris.

Counting Games: Songs That Required a Knowledge of Numbers

I suck at math, like really bad. Go on, give me any math problem, and i guarantee I won’t solve it, because most likely, I’ll have literally no idea what you’re talking about. Now I know theoretically, music is all math, and as far as that goes you can say I have an understanding of numbers, but not really. There are a few mathematically gifted artists though, who unlike me, seem to have an affinity for numbers, and even like to use them, in music. Today, while reminiscing on J-Kwons wise words, I decided to compile a short list of songs where, counting in some way, is essential.

1.) 22 Twos – Jay Z: Lyrically, Jay didn’t count during this unbelievable rap, but he must have been counting in his head as he rattled off Twos like the 0s on his checks.


2.) Sheena is a Punk Rocker – Ramones: No one has counted to 4 more times then these guys. They’re legends in the counting game, I’d even push for a Ramones based kindegarten curriculum. ONETWOTHREFO


3.) Are You Gonna Be My Girl? – Jet: Counting with attitude. A little more complex then the Ramones. I never knew reciting 1 through 6 was such a pussy magnet, at least not until these guys rolled though.


4.) Tipsy – J Kwon: Teen drinking is very bad…unless you’re counting. If you’re counting and drinking at the same time, either you’re counting how many BP cups you have, which is competitive and cool, or you’re a loser and you really need to make some friends instead of sitting in the corner counting and drinking.


Oh shit, look at that, I can count. Next week we take a look at how I learned to spell the word bananas.