Lady GaGa, Savior of Music?

Ha, I found this funny. This article seems to tout Lady Gaga and her new album, ‘Born This Way’, as savior of the music industry. The hundreds of millions of dollars she has accrued for her record label is used as evidence.

It’s funny though, considering half of this money is from endorsements, not form music. Saving the music industry by making money off of everything but music? Probably because her music sucks, but her brand is marketable.

As record label execs. and artists like Gaga scramble to find ways to stay rich, by selling the public the safe bet, and by safe bet I mean idiotic publicity stunts and terrible music that all sounds the same, a different savior is emerging. This savior is a musical middle class, in which musicians don’t need a major label to survive, where musicians don’t have to give all their money to labels, sell their soul to the devil and spend their lives on energy draining tours and making music they don’t want to in order to pay back an insurmountable debt to major record labels.

Lady Gaga isn’t the savior if the industry, shes one of the few remaining samples of the old model, which searches desperately for instant cash through mass, in your face marketing and stunts and unartistic, cookie cutter, industry created music.

In order to find a savior one needs to look no further then those who are actually working to make artistically talented , passionate music. Artists like Adele, who says she makes music for the ears, no the eyes, and could care less about her public image, or Odd Future, the rap group who defies the mainstream and raps about never growing up, and living life to the fullest for no one by yourself, albeit through cryptic, misogynist, and violent lyrics.

Lady Gaga represents the downfall, not the savior of the music industry. Dinosaurs will die, a new model will replace the crumbling one we’re currently being force fed.