Has Wiz Khalifa Been Kidnapped and Replaced By An Evil, Really Bad Rapper?

Been listening to new Wiz Khalifa, hoping just maybe I could find something I could stand to listen to. Sadly he has just become a prime and perfect example of an artist ruined by a major label contract. After listening to his recent music, I found that all my favorite new Wiz Khalifa songs were songs that featured guest rappers more then him. Pretty sad huh?

I don’t get how a rapper can change as much as him, or how fans of his don’t recognize the change, because I can’t imagine someone listening to his independents release ‘Show and Prove’ and then listening to ‘Rolling Papers’ and even considering ‘Rolling Papers’ to be anywhere close to as good. ‘Rolling Papers’ is a fraction of an insignificant portion of his earlier work, its nothing at all, just a bunch of bad music.

Stay in Your Lane – Wiz Khalifa

Pittsburgh Sound – Wiz Khalifa

No comparison. Wiz Khalifa worked hard until he saw a bit of cash flow, then he sat back, started fill his wallet, backing his papers, and ignoring his music.

Your new love songs and that rusty piss stain in your hair aren’t gangster Wiz.

Appreciate some real Wiz Khalifa. Reminisce about the days when he was an actual rapper. Download ‘Show and Prove’, support the real Wiz, because obviously the guy who released ‘Rolling Papers’ isn’t him. I’m actually endorsing a new theory, Wiz Khalifa has been kidnapped and replaced by an extremely boring, sleek, mainstream replacement in order to play it on the mainstream’s safe side. Bring back the real Wiz!

Poll Results: Domo’s Rolling Papers Overwhelmingly Better then Wiz’s

I decided it’s time to close the Domo Genesis vs. Wiz Khalifa: Rolling Papers poll. The results? Who do tunegrape readers think is better? An overwhelming 94% of them chose Domo over Wiz.

Seems OF is unstoppable. Hopefully Wiz will return to form on his next release, give his corporate management the finger, and go back to rapping stoner wit tinged, laid back flows over unique and textured beats, instead of the recent monotonous verses and cookie cutter chord progression, every beat on the radio songs of the past few months. For now, Domo Genesis is straight dirty, and the cooler stoner rapper at the moment.

Domo vs. Wiz: Whose Rolling Papers are Better?

Wow, tunegrape has had more then 4x as many views in March then in February, and there’s only been one single week where we had a decrease in views. Thats some straight up intense growth in readership so keep it up people, I’ve only got you guys to thank for the fact that this blog still exists, due to the crazy increases in views.

Anyway, tomorrow Wiz Khalifa drops his major label debut, Rolling Papers. I’ve made it known how I feel about Rolling Papers, since it was leaked a while ago and I’ve listened to the album a couple times. It’s just boring, plain and simple. It’s repetitive and sounds like nothing else but, a major label debut — and when I say that, I mean, most music from major labels are heavily characterized by a repetition in chord structures, lyrical themes, and basic structural characteristics, across the board.

When Wiz announced the name of his album, it caused underground controversy, due to the fact that Domo Genesis, a member of up and coming rap collective Odd Future, had previously released an acclaimed debut album of the same name. Tyler, the Creator and Domo both dealth blows to Wiz via Twitter, but before Wiz responded, took the high road and put an end to the budding feud. Wiz never acknowledged Domo’s complaints.

So the question is, which is better?

Rolling Papers by Domo Genesis,

or Rolling Papers by Wiz Khalifa?

I’ll put a poll up on tunegrape, so vote!

We want to hear your opinions, I really do think it’ll be interesting to see

who the majority prefers, Wiz or Domo?

Why is it that WMG won’t let people even embed videos on certain sites, its not like this isn’t advertising Wiz or anything, any publicity is good publicity. Fuck the nazi music industry man. Heres a different video hope it works:

Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Rolling Papers (ft. Wolf Haley (Tyler, the Creator)) – Domo Genesis

Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers Leaked



Merely a year ago, I was getting all over the whole Wiz Khalifa thing. He was droppin’ mixtapes that sounded like nothing else coming out, he had that smooth stoner flow and poppy indie rock production that got the entire party singing every time a Wiz track came on.

Now, Wiz’s new album, Rolling Papers, is coming out and the energy around this release isn’t nearly as positive as it would’ve been a year ago. “Black and Yellow” came, was played to death, and then played some more, and the more Wiz Khalifa that came out, the easier it was to kind of figure out that it was all same song, different beat.

Review of Wiz Khalifa’s latest iTunes Top Ten single, ‘No Sleep’

While at one point he sounded original, with well crafted lyrics about rising through the music industry, and remaining infinitely stoned, it’s just boring to hear those same songs over and over again. What hurts even more is to look back before things like the Burn After Rolling mixtape, back when he was lyrically diverse and still grinding just to get any kind of attention possible.

It seems like once Wiz got that attention though, the passion for making music left and the passion for green, both of the herbal and the dead presidential varieties, has left. It is all about girls who party hard, and how hes gonna fuck them, even if they have boyfriends, about drinking champagne, new cars and smoking disgusting amounts of weed with top heavy pop hook choruses supported by the same, rip joints, fuck your bitch and pop champagne on a private jet verses. Rolling Papers is, Wiz Khalifa, which is better then a lot of music out there, he at least still has that Khalifa feel, but still, the album is lacking the touch that brought me to him in the first place. I can only hope he drops the major label chokehold and starts getting back to real music, otherwise, I feel like I’m watching Wiz Khalifa’s music get pulled apart limb by limb by undead money-hungry destroyers of creativity.

Basically, his new release is good, party music, but stereotypical, unoriginal, and if you’re looking for artistic evolution, you will be severely disappointed.

As Khalifa said “and they all I rap about bitches and champagne/you would too if every night you seen the same thing”. Well Wiz, unfortunately sometimes bitches and champagne just doesn’t cut it as far as inspiration goes.

Rolling Papers Leak