Some Late Night Robotaki Highlights

Robotaki’s remix of that DJ Shadow song was so unbelievable I had to cruise his Soundcloud and dig out some more sweet tracks. He takes a very house-ish approach to a good amount of his stuff, a different direction then the DJ Shadow remix, but not bad. I feel like he really does stand out on smoother, more hip-hopish beats. For example:

However he can rock a dirty disco track as well. This dude can seriously craft some pretty funky bangers.

‘Matter of Time’ – The Outlines

This song is unbelievable. ‘Matter of Time’, off of The Outline’s 2007 album, ‘Our Lives Are Too Short’. The beat is an awesome collection of sounds with some really smooth piano almost housish piano loop that come’s in towards the second minute. The first thing I thought when I heard this was this song is made to be sampled, or remixed. It’s just set up in such a way where every single cool sound can be cut out and remixed, and there’s just hundreds to choose from. It’s awesome. If anyone finds or creates a cool remix of this I’d be glad to post it, and I can’t see it being that hard to put something cool together out of an amazing song like this.

Major Lazer Remix of Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win

MAJUHHH LAZUHHH. Love me some Major Lazer. ‘Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win’ was by far, at least in my opinion, the best song on the Beastie Boys latest.

Why Even Try (RAC Remix) – Theophilus London

Cool People Dubstep: Damian Marley Remix

Dillon Francis: Community Nap (StrobeHypnoticz Remix)

Haven’t been the biggest fan of Deadmau5 in the past few months. Just cause I blog about music doesn’t mean I have to be. He’s got some great tracks, don’t get me wrong, ‘Some Chords’  and ‘Ghosts n Stuff’ are ill, but I’m just not all over his mau5 dick. Reminds me of a quote…from me…”why take deadmau5 when you can have dangermouse”. That’s the way I look at it. That being said though, this remix of Deadmau5 by Dillon Francis is great. Amazing, chilled electronica music. The artist, who recently released his ‘Westside EP’ and is going on tour with Diplo starting April, 22, created a classic with this one.

Community Nap (StrobeHypnoticz Remix) – Deadmau5

Download the song here.


Heard Beyonce’s new single. Sounds more like some throwaway track off a mixtape. Barely changes Major Lazer’s ‘Pon de Floor’ at all. I could have produced that song, not even joking. But that’s not really important. I have a long list of posts to share, that I made last night, and first up is a sample that is actually cool.

This song is absolutely insane. An instrumental remix of Stairway to Heaven, Gramatik shows here that its possible to touch a song such as ‘Stairway’ and still end up with something halfway decent, instead of a mauled shell of what it used to be. Totally wild.

Download Gramatik’s Stairway to Heaven Remix

Download Gramatik’s Knights of Cydonia Remix