Try and Guess Who Sampled This

Can you guess the classic rap song that sampled this old school jewel?

Click here to find out…

The Return of Mister Pane by Mikill Pane

Best English rap I’ve heard in a while. Good thing too, since the Streets is over.

Common At The Whitehouse: Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reily

I’m sure it’s obvious who we’re supporting in this. Common is probably one of the less lyrically violent artists to ever visit the White House. Why the controversy? To make it look like conservatives are crusading for a righteous cause, even though this cause is actually pretty meaningless? Because conservatives hate rap music? Because they’re racist?

disclaimer: I am not some crusader against conservative politics. Conservative figures in the media and politics have taken it upon themselves to make this whole argument one of their fights. I am not saying all conservatives are attention-starved, racist and musically tunnel-visioned, just the ones who don’t want Common in the White House.

Country Music Meets Jay-Z and Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi

Had a pretty good country/jam band/southern rock listening session on the drive back into Boston from the Cape today. Check these southern covers of rap hits.

Pursuit of Happiness – Barbara

99 Problems – Hugo

Why Even Try ft. Sara Quin of Tegan & Sara, by Theophilus London

Theophilus London is a smooth rapper with some solid samples. In his track “Why Even Try?” featuring Sara Quin from Canadian twin indie duo Tegan & Sara, London brings back a touch of the 80s. The funky bass and synthesizers recall an age before even the Golden Age of Hip Hop itself. Going in to summer, this will be a great track to bump while catching some rays, chilling on the beach or something of that sort.

Theophilus London

Why Even Try ft. Sara Quin – Theophilus London

Kendrick Lamar, A Legend.

Ight, my man Kendrick Lamar is killin it. Seriously, I downloaded O.verly D.edicated today from and I’m giving it a first listen right now. I’m on the fourth track right now. He is so good I’m dropping a twitter link in here just so you twitter people out there can jam on that,!/kendrick_lamar  . I’m gonna drop a quote from my man Abstract here, “, i believe u to man, his beat selection is impeccable, his flows dirty, and his subject matter is real as fuck”. It’s true, a great example of his subject matter is Cut You Off. In that song he describes the negative vibes people are throwing at him by discussing rumors about pregnancies and murders, rims and gangs. I can imagine him dropping a great verse on a smooth Roots tune, or a Common track, some laid back jam from way back or something.


Cover Art for O.verly D.edicated from

O.verly D.edicated on DatPiff

At the same time though he can easily flip the other way and drop a great brag track such as Michael Jordan ft. Schoolboy Q. Kendrick Lamar can easily be something big in the future and should be. He is an amazing artist, when commenting on his to a friend of mine who helped me discover him, I described him as a legend. I guarantee, in the future, he will be. If he isn’t, I’ve lost faith in people’s understanding of music.


Interview with Kendrick Lamar on

Compton Rapper Kendrick Lamar Represents Rap in a New Light

Kendrick Lamar is spitting some of the best lyrics and flows I’ve heard out of the West Coast in a long time. His down to Earth, realistic rhymes portray his life growing up in Compton in a positive light. He discusses his aspirations, the people he cares about, the things he likes and dislikes about the people around him. His lyricism represents a rebirth of rap, not as boasts, shouts, chants, and materialistic megalomania, but as the form of poetry which has at times shined above the ugly surface, but for the most part remains out of view. Over smooth melodic instrumentations he raps “I’m tryin to learn something new/I’m tryin to better my chances at becoming a star/I’m tryina feel the vibe with Mona Lisa studyin art/Now paint that picture.” This is someone who communicates to us lyrics that we can relate to. If Kendrick Lamar never gets the attention he deserves, as a respected, well known rapper who is immediately understood to be infinitely more talented then the likes of Lil’ Wayne, I’ll start a bloody revolution within the music industry.

Cut You Off- Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar\’s eponymous mixtape.