What’s the Best Album to Come Out of 18 Years of blink-182?

In honor of the fact that blink-182 is back together and have a new album out … which isn’t actually, exactly a good thing … I put together this poll. Since ‘Flyswatter’ was released in 1993, this band has covered all the ups and downs of band life, near death experiences, inner turmoil, creative differences, massive stardom, plenty of money, and everything else I don’t feel like thinking of right now. I didn’t include live albums, or Aquabats, since Travis left them for blink-182, and thus they weren’t really, technically a product of blink-182, or a blink-182 member. So let us know what you think, whats the best album to come out of 18 years of blink-182?

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best Punk Bands List Seems A Little Skewed

Rolling Stone posted a list of the best punk rock bands, the result of a reader’s poll. Here’s what Rolling Stone’s readers said the top punk bands are.

1. Green Day

2. The Clash

3. The Ramones

4. The Sex Pistols

5. The Dead Kennedys

6. Iggy and the Stooges

7. Black Flag

8. The Misfits

9. Social Distortion

10. Bad Brains.

No I can appreciate some of that, but not all of it. I mean, the Clash is behind Green Day? Thats just dumb right there, The Clash is 1,000x better then Green Day, and then the Ramones in 3? Come on the top 3 is fucked right there. And where is the Germs? Whats a top punk list without the Germs? And Minor Threat? They helped spawn thousands of bands. The Descendents? Where would Green Day even be without the Descendents. The Top 3 is really just fucked.

Clash deserves to be up there, Green Day and the Ramones though, eh, not so much. On top of that some of the greatest, most influential punk bands of all time are off the list.

With the US Release of ‘Goblin’ looming, Who is Your Favorite Odd Future Member?

‘Goblin’ comes out in the US tomorrow, and it’s already out in Europe. Tyler, the Creator and MellowHype both have albums on the way, probably in 2012, despite very recent releases. Earl Sweatshirt is bound to be released from Samoan boarding school within the next couple of years, he’s gotta be 18 very soon right? How long has it been since he released ‘Earl’? Two years? Obviously Odd Future’s mainstream takeover is still in its early stages.

With the ‘Goblin’ release looming, and due to suggestions for an Earl vs. Tyler kinds of poll, I decided to make a poll asking, who is your favorite OF member. And hopefully the next poll won’t be Odd Future-centric. Two in a row is cool, time to move on after this, but for now, drop a vote.

Poll Results: Domo’s Rolling Papers Overwhelmingly Better then Wiz’s

I decided it’s time to close the Domo Genesis vs. Wiz Khalifa: Rolling Papers poll. The results? Who do tunegrape readers think is better? An overwhelming 94% of them chose Domo over Wiz.

Seems OF is unstoppable. Hopefully Wiz will return to form on his next release, give his corporate management the finger, and go back to rapping stoner wit tinged, laid back flows over unique and textured beats, instead of the recent monotonous verses and cookie cutter chord progression, every beat on the radio songs of the past few months. For now, Domo Genesis is straight dirty, and the cooler stoner rapper at the moment.

Domo vs. Wiz: Whose Rolling Papers are Better?

Wow, tunegrape has had more then 4x as many views in March then in February, and there’s only been one single week where we had a decrease in views. Thats some straight up intense growth in readership so keep it up people, I’ve only got you guys to thank for the fact that this blog still exists, due to the crazy increases in views.

Anyway, tomorrow Wiz Khalifa drops his major label debut, Rolling Papers. I’ve made it known how I feel about Rolling Papers, since it was leaked a while ago and I’ve listened to the album a couple times. It’s just boring, plain and simple. It’s repetitive and sounds like nothing else but, a major label debut — and when I say that, I mean, most music from major labels are heavily characterized by a repetition in chord structures, lyrical themes, and basic structural characteristics, across the board.

When Wiz announced the name of his album, it caused underground controversy, due to the fact that Domo Genesis, a member of up and coming rap collective Odd Future, had previously released an acclaimed debut album of the same name. Tyler, the Creator and Domo both dealth blows to Wiz via Twitter, but before Wiz responded, took the high road and put an end to the budding feud. Wiz never acknowledged Domo’s complaints.

So the question is, which is better?

Rolling Papers by Domo Genesis,

or Rolling Papers by Wiz Khalifa?

I’ll put a poll up on tunegrape, so vote!

We want to hear your opinions, I really do think it’ll be interesting to see

who the majority prefers, Wiz or Domo?

Why is it that WMG won’t let people even embed videos on certain sites, its not like this isn’t advertising Wiz or anything, any publicity is good publicity. Fuck the nazi music industry man. Heres a different video hope it works:

Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Rolling Papers (ft. Wolf Haley (Tyler, the Creator)) – Domo Genesis