Still figuring out how to work this, but this website seems really cool. djtxt allows for crowd source party playlists by allowing people to create playlists from anywhere via text, tweets or email. Basically if I’m getting this correctly, I could dj my friend on Long Island’s party from my apartment in Boston, from Twitter. That is sick. Hence, this post.

The website works using Grooveshark. I’ve been getting really into Grooveshark lately, I’m even trying to rebuild my iTunes library on Grooveshark in order to clean up my computer. I’m definitely planning on trying to integrate djtxt into parties and pregames and all that. It has the potential to make the music much more interesting, a possible who new dynamic to parties. Plus I’m sure djtxt has plenty of other potential uses, I probably won’t get past the whole party dynamic though.

For instructions, and to start using djtxt, go here and check it out.

Indie/Emocore/Melodic Playlist

Marigold & Patchwork – The Appleseed Cast

Oh Messy Life – Cap’n Jazz

Do You Know Who You Are? – Texas is the Reason

Unfinished – Mineral

In Fear and Faith – Circa Survive

Spit Survival – On the Might of Princes

Third Atlantic – Crime in Stereo

Johnny on the Spot – Texas is the Reason

Killed by an Angel – Sunny Day Real Estate

I’m a Loner Dottie, A Rebel – The Get Up Kids

Indie/Emocore/Melodic Playlist on Grooveshark

Swelly Express Sample Playlist

Cover Art for Swelly Express by Chiddy Bang

This post was supposed to go up a long time ago, back in the very beginning stages of tunegrape. A while ago I discovered a list of samples used on the album Swelly Express by rap group Chiddy Bang. Xaphoon Jones is a genius when it comes to sample choice and this playlist is obvious proof of that. When I’m feeling Swelly Express, I can always turn to this playlist for an alternative. This alternative, for the most part is a calmer, and more diverse alternative to the synth-heavy, skit-heavy Swelly Express. An interesting playlist that expands its reach across a number of genres, the Swelly Express Sample Playlist is a great listen, as well as a must have for any real Chiddy Bang fan.

Swelly Express Sample Playlist

1. Israelites – Desmond Dekker

2. Expialidocious – Pogo

3. Falcon Jab – Ratatat

4. Ce Jeu – Yelle

5. Juicy – Notorious B.I.G.

6. Better Things – Passion Pit

7. Ramshackle Day Parade – Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

8. Step into my Office, Baby – Belle & Sebastian

9. Kids – MGMT

10. Chicago – Sufjan Stevens