Dear Anne (Stan Part 2) – Lil Wayne

So Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne have released a new song, ‘Dear Anne (Stan Part 2). Apparently Swizz Beatz approached Lil Wayne with the concept of reinterpreting Eminem’s classic, ‘Stan’. Wayne accepted and throughout the song writes a letter to his number one fan over the minimalist beat. In Em’s song Stan writes constantly to his favorite artist obsessively until, since Slim Shady never writes him back, he commits a murder suicide over his obsession. Lil Wayne decided to use the opportunity to write from his own perspective, to his number one fan, in an effort to prevent Anne from experiencing the same fate as Stan.

It’s pretty well known I’m not a Lil Wayne fan, but he inconsistently drops some pretty good tunes, even some awesome ones occasionally and this ones one of those good Lil Wayne songs.

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Leak

The Beastie Boy’s upcoming release, ‘Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2’ has leaked. It can be downloaded here.

The album is funky, distorted and experimental. The first single, ‘Make Some Noise’, is pretty representative of the album’s overall sound. With a funky feel and electronic focus they bring back the punk energy of their early days through glitchy, hard hitting beats. ‘Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2’ is gritty, heavy and return to classic Beastie Boys form, with a a solid dose of experimentalist and glitchy electronics.

Fight for Your Right Revisited

Fight for Your Right revisited. The Beastie Boys are just too cool aren’t they.

Beastie Boys Release First Track Off Upcoming Release

The Beastie Boys released the first track, ‘Make Some Noise’, off their long awaited upcoming release, ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 2’ on their Tumblr after it had been leaked earlier. The song is driven by a funky, distorted organ riff and recalls an old school Beastie Boyish kind of feel.

Check the song out on their official Tumblr here.