I’m Bugging Out, Who is C. Renee?

Seriously, this has got me more worked up then the Where is Earl post, why are there so many Odd Future mysteries. WHO IS C. RENEE. Really…who is this chick?

Based ft. C. Renee – MellowHype

Domo vs. Wiz: Whose Rolling Papers are Better?

Wow, tunegrape has had more then 4x as many views in March then in February, and there’s only been one single week where we had a decrease in views. Thats some straight up intense growth in readership so keep it up people, I’ve only got you guys to thank for the fact that this blog still exists, due to the crazy increases in views.

Anyway, tomorrow Wiz Khalifa drops his major label debut, Rolling Papers. I’ve made it known how I feel about Rolling Papers, since it was leaked a while ago and I’ve listened to the album a couple times. It’s just boring, plain and simple. It’s repetitive and sounds like nothing else but, a major label debut — and when I say that, I mean, most music from major labels are heavily characterized by a repetition in chord structures, lyrical themes, and basic structural characteristics, across the board.

When Wiz announced the name of his album, it caused underground controversy, due to the fact that Domo Genesis, a member of up and coming rap collective Odd Future, had previously released an acclaimed debut album of the same name. Tyler, the Creator and Domo both dealth blows to Wiz via Twitter, but before Wiz responded, took the high road and put an end to the budding feud. Wiz never acknowledged Domo’s complaints.

So the question is, which is better?

Rolling Papers by Domo Genesis,

or Rolling Papers by Wiz Khalifa?

I’ll put a poll up on tunegrape, so vote!

We want to hear your opinions, I really do think it’ll be interesting to see

who the majority prefers, Wiz or Domo?

Why is it that WMG won’t let people even embed videos on certain sites, its not like this isn’t advertising Wiz or anything, any publicity is good publicity. Fuck the nazi music industry man. Heres a different video hope it works:

Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Rolling Papers (ft. Wolf Haley (Tyler, the Creator)) – Domo Genesis

Where is Earl?

UPDATE: “his mom sent him to boot camp after hearing his lyrics … some kid from la told me on xbox live i was telling ant about em and hes like you know odd future and i said ya then he asked if i was from la then i said no then hes like wow theyre gettting popular blah blah then i said what happened to earl and he told me cause he used to hang out with earl”

My brother sent me this on Facebook, could this be the answer…


Speaking of OFWGKTA, Earl Sweatshirt. People have been saying that this kid, who’s 17 right now, and released his debut at 16, has more talent then Nas at this age. Tyler, the Creator himself said that Earl’s debut was better then the holy grail, Nas’ debut, Illmatic.

While I don’t think Earl’s debut was that good, still, the kid is a beast. His rhymes are complex, filled to the brim with multiple rhymes within the same lines, and velvety smooth flows.



Tyler is the leader of OFWGTKA and dude is a master of all things marketing his brand, and making people pay attention. From the violent and surreal drug addled music, to the persona who puts forth, and the fact that him and his friends basically fuck around and mess with the journalists in nearly every interview I’ve seen or read, this guy knows how to make people focus on him, and his clique.

You have to respect their intelligence. OFWGTKA is bringing a fresh feel to nearly every aspect of music and music industry. Even if their music isn’t quite on the same level as Nas’ debut, they know exactly how to get where they wanna be, and they’re going there fast.

From Nas comparisons and Kanye call outs, to interviews from nearly everyone and insanely fresh music, OFWGKTA has got it all.

My biggest question is where is Earl? Tyler himself has told interviewers he is dead, but I don’t know how believable that actually is. Wikipedia says he’s at boarding school, more believable. Part of the appeal of Earl, is the mystery of Earl. Most of the world has no idea who he actually is besides a member of Odd Future and Tyler’s brother, they just know him as Earl, a really good young rapper. No one knows where he actually is besides his friends and family. WHERE IS EARL. That’s all I ask. Cause this kid is fucking nasty.



Orange Juice – Tyler, the Creator & Earl Sweatshirt

EARL Download

CopKiller (ft. Earl Sweatshirt) – MellowHype