BADBADNOTGOOD Ditches Jazz Standards, Instead Reinterprates Hip-Hop

The best thing to come out of my love for Odd Future wasn’t a rapper, it wasn’t a show, it wasn’t skateboarding, and it wasn’t hilarious interviews. It was a teenage jazz band from Canada. BADBADNOTGOOD has me absolutely captivated. I first discovered them through a jam session they did with Tyler, the Creator, and haven’t stopped listening since (I’ll post the Tyler, the Creator, and Goblin sessions on a new post). They’re a jazz group that met at Humbler College, and have since made a name for themselves jamming on hip-hop music. Their attitude is that jazz was amazing because it was so new when it came out, and jazz standards are only still played because that is what the older generations know, but younger generations don’t care about jazz standards as much, so how do you attract younger generations? Replace jazz standards with the hip-hop hits of today, songs that teenagers all know, and reinterpret those songs. Turn hip-hop into the new standard, not to recreate, but to reinterpret. Keyboardist Tavares put it best in an interview with Exclaim, “For me, the reason you can play jazz standards is because old people know those melodies. They can hear “Stella By Starlight” on Jazz FM and know how it goes. So if you play a hip-hop song that people know, they can hear your version and appreciate what’s happening. A young person doesn’t give a fuck how you play “Stella By Starlight.”

Stream their debut album, BBNG, through Bandcamp below, or download it on mediafire here, or both…

MellowHype Releases Video for ’64’

Check out the new MellowHype video ’64’. I like MellowHype a lot and think they are an idiosyncratic yet essential piece of Odd Future. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain differ from the OF counterparts because Tyler, the Creator produced songs are actually a minority in their short discography. I think their beats are better then the beats on ‘Earl’ by Earl Sweatshirt, but not quite as good as the beats on ‘Bastard’ by Tyler. And Hodgy Beats definitely stands out as a talented rapper within the clique, not quite Earl Sweatshirt but definitely on the same level as or better then Tyler.

Their new songs pretty good, I especially like the second verse. It definitely doesn’t stand out like other songs, such as ‘Loco’, or ‘Bank Rolls’. It sounds a bit to much like a song trying to fir the Odd Future mold, which isn’t something MellowHype always do and I prefer it that way. Check the song out though, I hope it gets MellowHype some of the spotlight, they deserve it.

Lady GaGa, Savior of Music?

Ha, I found this funny. This article seems to tout Lady Gaga and her new album, ‘Born This Way’, as savior of the music industry. The hundreds of millions of dollars she has accrued for her record label is used as evidence.

It’s funny though, considering half of this money is from endorsements, not form music. Saving the music industry by making money off of everything but music? Probably because her music sucks, but her brand is marketable.

As record label execs. and artists like Gaga scramble to find ways to stay rich, by selling the public the safe bet, and by safe bet I mean idiotic publicity stunts and terrible music that all sounds the same, a different savior is emerging. This savior is a musical middle class, in which musicians don’t need a major label to survive, where musicians don’t have to give all their money to labels, sell their soul to the devil and spend their lives on energy draining tours and making music they don’t want to in order to pay back an insurmountable debt to major record labels.

Lady Gaga isn’t the savior if the industry, shes one of the few remaining samples of the old model, which searches desperately for instant cash through mass, in your face marketing and stunts and unartistic, cookie cutter, industry created music.

In order to find a savior one needs to look no further then those who are actually working to make artistically talented , passionate music. Artists like Adele, who says she makes music for the ears, no the eyes, and could care less about her public image, or Odd Future, the rap group who defies the mainstream and raps about never growing up, and living life to the fullest for no one by yourself, albeit through cryptic, misogynist, and violent lyrics.

Lady Gaga represents the downfall, not the savior of the music industry. Dinosaurs will die, a new model will replace the crumbling one we’re currently being force fed.

Earl Sweatshirt, Before Odd Future

Some older tracks from Earl Sweatshirt, from before OF, when he was known as Sly Tendencies…



-PS new favorite Earl song.

Remember the Neptune’s ‘Seeing Sounds’? Good Album

For all this talk of Odd Future, and all the comparison to Wu-Tang, OFWGKTA wouldn’t exist without these guys…

The Neptunes are amazing yo.

With the US Release of ‘Goblin’ looming, Who is Your Favorite Odd Future Member?

‘Goblin’ comes out in the US tomorrow, and it’s already out in Europe. Tyler, the Creator and MellowHype both have albums on the way, probably in 2012, despite very recent releases. Earl Sweatshirt is bound to be released from Samoan boarding school within the next couple of years, he’s gotta be 18 very soon right? How long has it been since he released ‘Earl’? Two years? Obviously Odd Future’s mainstream takeover is still in its early stages.

With the ‘Goblin’ release looming, and due to suggestions for an Earl vs. Tyler kinds of poll, I decided to make a poll asking, who is your favorite OF member. And hopefully the next poll won’t be Odd Future-centric. Two in a row is cool, time to move on after this, but for now, drop a vote.

Brain (ft. Domo Genesis) – MellowHype

Brain (ft. Domo Genesis) – MellowHype

After my initial OFWGKTA discovery and obsession, I’ve come to the conclusion, I’m a bigger fan of MellowHype’s output then Tyler, the Creator. Not that I don’t like Ace, all of OF has a revolutionary and awesome sound. MellowHype’s catalog just happens to be my favorite of the group.

Click the image below to download MellowHype’s most recent release, ‘Blackendwhite’

Click the image to download MellowHype's 'Blackendwhite' album.