Voters Have Decided, The Best Rap Debut of All Time is ‘Illmatic’

Nas won this poll, with Biggie’s ‘Ready to Die’ taking a close second. I’ve always swayed back and forth, every time I listen to either of those albums I discover something new, something that sways me, it is so difficult to choose between them, they’re master pieces. I’m kind of shocked ‘Reasonable Doubt’ did so terrible though, that was a little sad. Anyway, the people have decided, so here’s some Nas for you, and if you’ve never heard ‘Illmatic’ before, you’re insane, and you should get on that.

‘The World Is Yours’ – Nas

‘Life’s a Bitch’ ft. AZ – Nas

Memory Lane – Nas

Ghetto Dreams ft. Nas – Common

Common and Nas tear this track up. I am so pumped for Nas’ upcoming release. He’s been going so hard on tracks lately and the collabs with Frank Ocean he spoke about make this album sound irresistibly ill. On the other hand Common is Common, an unbelievably consistent and talented rapper who will go down, along with Nas, as someone who changed the game forever. This is just two legends spitting over an ill beat. Can’t get better then that.

Nas and Frank Ocean to Collaborate on Nas’ Next Album

Nas is planning on collaborating with Frank Ocean, whom he calls “a new gust of wind”, on his next album. His forthcoming album is inspired by new music, and after his last release, ‘Nas’, which he seems to feel was a somewhat incomplete or fractured release, he is ready to return to the studio. He seems much more willing to go with the flow and let what happens happen on this upcoming release, he even stated that he had over thought the music too much on his previous album.

Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ is within the top three or five greatest rap albums ever made, it’s probably one of the best albums in music in general. Although he hasn’t been able to achieve the mind blowing, almost demi-god-like lyrical state of mind he was in on his debut, the Queens born rapper has still released some solid tracks over the years.

Frank Ocean on the other had is a fast rising star and the designated RnB talent in the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All rap group. Personally I consider him to be among the most talented in the group. His music is an ethereal, kind of psychedelic RnB, with a strong dose of guitar sampling. While he has been compared to Drake by some, this guy is infinitely more talented then Drake. Comparing Frank Ocean to Drake is like comparing Family Guy to the Cleveland Show. Its Just. Not. The. Same. Just like Family Guy, Frank is on a whole other level.

So basically, I’m psyched for Nas’ next album now.

One Love – Nas

Novacane – Frank Ocean

The Roots Picnic 2011 Lineup

The Roots have released the lineup for their annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia. The lineup can be found here at Brooklyn Vegan. Tickets for the event, which is to be held on June 4th, go on sale March 4th at 10:00 am.

The Lineup:

The Roots

Nas (backed by the Roots)

Wiz Khalifa

Esperanza Spalding (backed by the Roots)

Ariel Pink

The Dismemberment Plan


Mac Miller

Little Dragon

Man Man

J. Period

Nicos Gun

Donn T.

Hypem Highlights

I’m calling for a Jack Johnson, Drake collaboration after hearing this mashup. I hated the original Forever by Drake, but add a touch of Jack Johnson and watch this song get 1,000x better.

Download it Here

In other news, Nas recently released a track using the instrumental from Swizz Beatz’s “Top Down”. While Swizzy’s verses are okay at best, producer first, rapper second, Nas tears the track apart.


Download it Here

One more for you. Dubstep DJ KillaGraham released a nasty remix of Kid Cudi’s “Cudi Zone”. Also featured in the blog below is his remix of “Say it Ain’t So” by Weezer.


Download it Here


Oh and here’s a nice frat party banger too: Paris Blue (Death to the Throne Remix) – Lykke Li