Once Again Rolling Stone…Lady GaGa isn’t Good, that’s the Explanation for her Recent Drops in the Charts

Last week I posted something about Rolling Stone being way to obsessed with Lady GaGa given the fact that she’s more of an industry creation that an artist. Rolling Stone had made her their loser of the week for the charts, but acted like they were very sorry for doing so in explaining and still touted her over 1000000 sales in it. The only reason she was loser of the week is because she didn’t sell way more then that. First of all what do you expect in the industry, its obvious the only reason she hit 1000000 anyway is because of Amazon’s obscene sale prices when the album debuted.

They made her their loser of the week again this week since she only sold one 10th of what she sold on her debut week (100000 sales this week). Its great that they acknowledge the fact that she never would’ve gotten the sales she did if it wasn’t for Amazon’s sales, but then in the same loser of the week section you go on to praise her, as if for some reason by virtue of the fact that shes Lady GaGa you have to praise her even when insulting her, they talk about her knowledge of the new music industry?

This so called artist is the anti new music industry, she didn’t even know Amazon did this, she was told after. She was probably told to say that by some one else, since you obviously can’t hate on the only reason your debut album wasn’t a failure. Plus she lost no money from it anyway since Amazon made up the difference in royalties payments. Once again Rolling Stone magazine really needs to stop with this GaGa romance they’ve taken to. Its sad and disgusting. It de-legitimizes them as a serious source music industry news. It makes them seem more like MTV or Billboard. Like an industry run propaganda machine. The music industry is becoming more and more like Soviet Russia. Just spewing propaganda in our faces and brainwashing us into thinking every clone of a pop song they vomit out is good. Its sad, it really is.

“Lady Gaga. You can’t really do more to market an album than Lady Gaga did for Born This Way, and her single “The Edge of Glory” is still near the top of Billboard‘s singles chart (Number Seven), iTunes (Number Four, after Adele, Pitbull and LMFAO) and BigChampagne’s Ultimate Chart (Number Three). But her album sold just 100,000 copies in Week Three. This is the world’s biggest pop superstar? Yes, she sold more than one million in her first week, but she needed Amazon’s dirt-cheap promotion to do it. The Wall Street Journal asked Gaga if she thought Born This Way was worth more than 99 cents, and she responded: “No! I absolutely do not. Especially for MP3s and digital music. It’s invisible – it’s in space. If anything I applaud a company like Amazon for equating the value of digital versus the physical copy, and giving the opportunity to everyone to buy music.” Now that was a smart answer, and one that contradicts what record executives and record-store chains have been saying for years – that drastic discounts cheapen music. No doubt Gaga understands the realities they talk about over at TopSpin, which is that cheap or free music leads to greater connections with fans, whose loyalty leads them to buy more stuff later. (That said, Amazon took the loss on the 99-cent promotion – Gaga, and her record label, still got the royalties they would have received if Amazon had sold the album at full price.)”

Lady GaGa, Savior of Music?

Ha, I found this funny. This article seems to tout Lady Gaga and her new album, ‘Born This Way’, as savior of the music industry. The hundreds of millions of dollars she has accrued for her record label is used as evidence.

It’s funny though, considering half of this money is from endorsements, not form music. Saving the music industry by making money off of everything but music? Probably because her music sucks, but her brand is marketable.

As record label execs. and artists like Gaga scramble to find ways to stay rich, by selling the public the safe bet, and by safe bet I mean idiotic publicity stunts and terrible music that all sounds the same, a different savior is emerging. This savior is a musical middle class, in which musicians don’t need a major label to survive, where musicians don’t have to give all their money to labels, sell their soul to the devil and spend their lives on energy draining tours and making music they don’t want to in order to pay back an insurmountable debt to major record labels.

Lady Gaga isn’t the savior if the industry, shes one of the few remaining samples of the old model, which searches desperately for instant cash through mass, in your face marketing and stunts and unartistic, cookie cutter, industry created music.

In order to find a savior one needs to look no further then those who are actually working to make artistically talented , passionate music. Artists like Adele, who says she makes music for the ears, no the eyes, and could care less about her public image, or Odd Future, the rap group who defies the mainstream and raps about never growing up, and living life to the fullest for no one by yourself, albeit through cryptic, misogynist, and violent lyrics.

Lady Gaga represents the downfall, not the savior of the music industry. Dinosaurs will die, a new model will replace the crumbling one we’re currently being force fed.

Courtney Love Tore Up the Industry

Check out Courtney Love’s surprisingly well-informed, intelligent and relevant rant against the music industry, and the way major labels treat artists. Although the article is over a decade old at this point, it still makes a lot of sense. Courtney Love, despite being occasionally insane and violent, really has her shit together when it comes to bashing the industry, or at least she did at one point.


Courtney Love does the Math on www.salon.com

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