Voters Have Decided, The Best Rap Debut of All Time is ‘Illmatic’

Nas won this poll, with Biggie’s ‘Ready to Die’ taking a close second. I’ve always swayed back and forth, every time I listen to either of those albums I discover something new, something that sways me, it is so difficult to choose between them, they’re master pieces. I’m kind of shocked ‘Reasonable Doubt’ did so terrible though, that was a little sad. Anyway, the people have decided, so here’s some Nas for you, and if you’ve never heard ‘Illmatic’ before, you’re insane, and you should get on that.

‘The World Is Yours’ – Nas

‘Life’s a Bitch’ ft. AZ – Nas

‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ – The Cool Kids

Check it, we just got the link to The Cool Kid’s ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’. So far after listening to about half the album, ‘Penny Hardaway’ is still my favorite. None of the tracks really compare to some of their older classics ‘A Little Bit Cooler’, but it may grow on me over time, I dunno. They all have potential, I mean, no doubt The Cool Kids have created a unique and awesome sound. Plus ‘Sour Apples’ is probably the best hip-hop song Travis Barker has ever done. Despite what he thinks, for the most part besides that song and the Transplants, his rap shit isn’t that great.

‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ has some great party potential, it doesn’t really challenge you to think, but then again that was never really what The Cool Kids were about, they were about being cool, and they achieve it time after time, they remain some of the coolest in the game. The epitome of the name of a group describing their sound.

Download ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ (Mediafire)

Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted, a pretty fast and wild two weeks. Starting classes kind of got me back in the groove of things though, and of course, the groove always leads to tunegrape.

First of all, Kendrick Lamar released Section.80 on July 2. I’ve been waiting for Section.80 forever. Now that I finally have given the album a few listens, I’ve been trying to come to a final decision on it. Section.80 is difficult to dissect. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, whether its the complexity of the music that I need time to grasp or if this album simply is not as good as O.verly D.edicated. It doesn’t have a the feel that O.verly D.edicted did, the glue that held OD together, the common theme that ran through it.

At the same time some of these tracks are unbelievable, and you can tell Kendrick tried very hard. He wanted this to change the world, maybe his ambitions are what hold this album back, maybe it needs to be done looser, with a more carefree feel.

Those are a couple simple criticisms though, beyond that, it’s obvious Kendrick remains one of the truest and most intelligent rappers in the game, and Section.80 is a must listen. ‘Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice)’, ‘Rigamortus’, Kush & Corinthians’ and ‘Hol’ Up’ are definitely must listens, the highlights of the album. ‘Fuck Your Ethnicity’ is a very interesting track and of course, ‘HiiiPower’ has been around for a while and is an awesome song.


Download Section.80

JEFF the Brotherhood is SICK

Amazing bluesy, dirty, deep grungy punk music. Absolutely amazing. More then enough potential to become my new obsession.

These songs are off their latest album. They’ve been around for about decade and have released a steady stream of albums since their formation. Their sound is the kind of sound I dream about at night. Time to dive into their discography.

Cool fun fact that you’re probably going to end up reading every time you see mention of this band. Guitarist only plays with the top 3 strings, which really emphasizes the deep, heavy sound. Awesome.

Download ‘We Are the Champions’

Nottz Produced Pusha T Track Takes on Bohemian Rhapsody

Haven’t heard of anything from Nottz since the Rawth EP with Asher Roth, but this Nottz produced track off Pusha T’s latest mixtape is pretty dirty. Check the ill ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sample, an original sample from an very mainstream and strangely yet to be really well sampled as far as I know, at least not in any obvious way.

Download it here.

The Goblin Leak

Tyler and his therapist are back. ‘Goblin’ has leaked. It leaked a few days ago I’m pretty sure, but I haven’t gotten around to it until today. The first song seems like an intense presentation of Tyler slowly slipping away from the last bit of his own sanity due to his own anger and personal problems. I’m about to spend the next hour checking out ‘Goblin’. Yes.

Here’s a link to Tyler’s reaction to the ‘Goblin’ leak.

And, here is the link to the much hyped, anxiously awaited, ‘Goblin’. Enjoy the leak.

Coldplay Is Definitely a Band in Decline

Is it just me or is Coldplay not the iconic superstar pop group they once were? Probably a combination of the euro-trash-techno-club-monotone devolution of the mainstream pop aesthetic, as well as the fact that Viva la whatever that album was pretty much sucked, and I don’t have high hopes for future Coldplay. Personally I think Chris Martin should take some time off to record some stripped down acoustic/piano based tracks and see what happens. Could be some solid therapy, and a good change of direction, cause the band has never achieved the sound that they achieved on their debut, ‘Parachutes’. From the paranoid and haunting atmosphere of ‘Spies’ to the simplistic beauty of ‘Don’t Panic’, that album is just a classic album in pop music. Just straight up solid guitar based pop music that you just don’t hear anymore.

Spies – Coldplay

Don’t Panic – Coldplay

Download Parachutes