I Love the iTunes Top Ten Albums

I love the iTunes top ten right now. Adele’s ’21’ is still in the Top spot, dominating, plus ’19’, her debut album, is at number 9. Lonely Island is at number two. I don’t listen to comedy music really, but, they have some funny songs. There’s other albums that deserve that spot, but still they’re probably more talented then a lot of artists who have been in that spot. American Idol sucks but whatever. Christina Perri?

Okay so the top Five has some scattered good albums but the 10-5 is absolutely genius. Every single album is not only good, but very good. It’s pure quality, and that’s rare and amazing. It’s a good day.

Love how the Beastie Boys did a reggae track with Santigold.

One of the best songs off of ‘Goblin’ by far. Helps that Frank Ocean makes a guest appearence.

Who’s not happy Fleetwood Mac is there. It just feels good to have some older, more solid talent up there with all those newer artists.