Lupe Fiasco CBS Interview: Obama’s a Terrorist

Love Lupe Fiasco. I half expected him to just get up and walk out when she said he’s politically charged, which is an anomaly for a pop artist. If I was him I would’ve. Completely idiotic.

He’s the man though. 250 fans standing outside Atlantic Records in NYC all dressed the same yelling his name? That’s dedication. Why the dedication? Cause he’s sick.

Hypem Highlights

Here are some Hypem Highlights before I head off to bed.

I will be posting something about The Weeknd here soon. The House of Balloons mixtape is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously. Listen to The Weeknd now, or be the one whose out of the loop in a few months. House of Balloons is one of the few mixtapes that creeps into my playlist between my Odd Future and Kendrick Lamar listening sessions these days.

An unreleased track off of Lupe’s L.A.S.E.R.S. off of earmilk.

This is a pretty wild cover/mashup/I don’t know what to call it  of ‘Closing Time ‘ by The Five One.

Obviously Justice’s new track is all over Hypem, so check it out. It almost has an arena rockish feel to it, but don’t worry they still manage to squeeze in that funky dance feel.

Donald Glover is the man. The ‘Community’ actor turned rapper Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino’s latest was apparently recorded spontaneously wasted at some ungodly hour in the morning. Nice.

Not the biggest Tyga fan, but Adele is one of my favorite female artists right now. I’m digging their collaboration, ‘Reminded’.

I’ve heard ‘Love Lust’ by King Charles before, I can’t tell you where, I can’t tell you when, but I loved it. For some reason I forgot about pretty soon after that though, but now that its back hanging around in my consciousness I’m sure I’ll be listening more in the near future.

A Mac Miller Track that didn’t make the cut for ‘Best Day Ever’. Always down for some Mac Miller.

Lupe Fiasco, Not a Fan of His Most Recent Release, LASERS

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco dropped a pretty big bomb recently in an interview with Complex, when he said he didn’t like his own album, LASERS, and he’s pretty neutral to most of the tracks. According to Lupe, his label put together most of the tracks, and as he went about his business touring and vacationing, they would periodically send him tracks. Instead of asking if he liked the tracks they would say, “you’re making this song”. Apparently Lupe was going to shelve the album and leave the label, but he decided to release it for the fans. Songs like, “The Show Goes On”, according to Lupe, are merely record label fabrications, and not his own creations. While in the past he has poured his blood and sweat into songs and albums, his latest album was different.

Lupe explained that many of the messages are the same, such as on songs like “Words I Never Said”, which was originally supposed to be a Drake-esque love song with a bridge, but later became a statement on world affairs and terrorism. Lupe was able to get what he wanted to get across at times through his lyrics, but apparently, thats about it. This album was created by a major label, using Lupe as a tool and he doesn’t seem too happy about it.

This is what I’ve been saying, artists don’t create a lot of the music people are listening to these days and its a sad and disgusting state of affairs. I feel for Lupe, he just came out and said, look, this was less Lupe and more millionaires and execs. just trying to make some money. While lyrically, he is a fan of songs like “Words I Never Said” and “All Black Everything”, thats about as far as his affection for the album goes, besides that, it seems like he could care less, he seems to have been more a collaborator on his most recent release, then the artist behind it.

You can read the interview here.

Here’s “Words I Never Said” and “All Black Everything”.

All Black Everything – Lupe Fiasco

Words I Never Said – Lupe Fiasco