How Long Until Radiohead Gets Into the Rock Hall of Fame

Seriously one of the greatest bands ever. Even if you don’t like them, nobody can deny that. The illest.

At the Drive In – One Armed Scissor Live on Jools Holland

I absolutely love this video. I’ve posted it before here but I just can’t resist throwing it up again just for fun. Absolute, utter chaos. I don’t love it for how they sound here, as much as the energy they throw in to this performance. Absolutely unbelievable. It’s so obvious that Omar’s guitar is out of tune, yet he goes hard anyway, eventually just throwing the guitar and getting into it with a tambourine, and Cedric just goes crazy to. This performance along is like a premonition of what was to come, Mars Volta being the wild and improvised band started by Omar and Cedric, and Sparta, the more typical rock band, which was started by the other members, Jim Ward and Tony Hajjar. Simply Amazing.

Shut the Door – Fugazi

I think this must be one of the most intense live performances ever caught on video. Fugazi tears it up in this video, that bassline is so steady and smooth and the dynamics are insane. Ian McKaye’s scream is as powerful as ever, his voice always reminiscent of those Minor Threat days. Plus I’ve always liked Rites of Spring and I think the addition of  Guy Picciotto to the band added a really cool dynamic to the band. The harmonics and experiments with feedback in the bridge also add a dense layer of intelligent power to Ian and Guy’s guitar playing. One of my favorite live performances on video. I’ve definitely posted this before too, but I can’t help but come back to it. It’s awesome.

A Tribute to The Crazy Donkey

Heard today that the Crazy Donkey, in Farmingdale, NY is closing. I used to rip on that place all the time, but really, I had some of my better high school memories there as well. Countless times I’ve moshed in front of that stage and bought those over priced Red Bulls. Once I was even hanging with one of the bands playing a set later that evening, and joyfully watched as they snuck in through the back and raided the place for alcohol. It might have been a guido haven on those club nights, but, those countless nights when bands like Long Island favorite Patent Pending, or a slew of other homegrown famous artists such as Taking Back Sunday, are a significant portion of my priceless high school memories. Apparently it is set to reopen as a sports themed bar with skimpily dressed waitresses. I love sports and I love skimpily dressed women, but can they really replace such precious nights? Well…maybe, but still, football and sex will never replace giant conga lines led by Mike and Joe Ragosta, through the bar out the door and back on to the stage to ‘Cheer Up Emo Kid’. So here is a tribute to that bar on Route 110 next to the mini golf complex where so many memories were made.

Crime In Stereo Live

One of the best bands out of Long Island ever. An absolutely unbelievable band. Its sad I never got to see them.

WAIT! Francis Bean Cobain is 19?

I did not know we were so close in age. I hope she sees this and contacts me. We can smoke cigarettes all night.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wait…T Pain Can Actually Sing?

Oh my god, I had no idea T Pain actually had a voice. This isn’t a track I will probably ever listen to again after tonight, but I am absolutely shocked that 1.) he performed without auto-tune or whatever new technology he plans on using post-auto-tune 2.) this dude can actually sing. Why does he use auto-tune if he can sing without it, I just don’t understand. People would respect him so much more, I feel like he’s kind of a joke, at least I think he is, but if actually took his natural voice seriously and used it he would at least be somewhat respected. Come on dude, this is for your own well being, stop fucking with your voice.

Vodpod videos no longer available.