‘Crew Love’ ft. the Weeknd – Drake

‘Crew Love’ is an absolutely unbelievable exercise in mind-blowing, spontaneous dynamic shifts, and atmospheric left-of-field R&B. While this is technically a Drake song, it’s obvious who dominates it, The Weeknd, AKA, Abel Tesfaye. Crushing barrages of bass, luscious synth textures beneath Tesfaye’s silk falsetto, all qualities which fitĀ  comfortably into the Weeknd’s catalog. Drake does his best to keep up, and in the past he’s proven he can, such as on the Drake dominated track, ‘The Zone’ from The Weeknd’s mixtape, ‘Thursday’, but this time he just comes across as average. The track is very top-heavy in terms of quality , with the first half dominated by Tesfaye’s hypnotic R&B swagger, and the second half and Drake’s verse just getting by in comparison. Check it out…

Space Jam Jaye – Fairy Tales & Lost Dreams

Space Jam Jaye’s Fairy Tales & Lost Dreams mixtape is ill. It reminds me of Kid Cudi, with similar beats and an often introspective lyrical style. This shouldn’t be thought of as a copy of Cudi, but it will be a good job of filling the void he’s left.

Listen to the Mixtape

Download on DatPiff

Danger Mouse and Italian Composer Daniel Luppi Team Up for Incredible Italian Film Inspired Album

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi have been planning this for years, an album completely inspired by 1960’s and 70’s Italian film soundtracks. They reunited a group of professional Italian musicians, as well as singers Jack White and Norah Jones, in Rome, in order to record the project, also entitled ‘Rome’. The result is an expansive and interesting soundscape. The foundation for all the music on this album is Italian film scores, and even if you’re not an Italian film score expert, it is pretty easy to hear the hints of typical movie soundtrack phrases throughout the album. Combined with Danger Mouse’s amazing production abilities, by far one of the best producers in the world right now, and singers’ Jack White and Norah Jones talents, and Daniele Luppi’s Italian composition expertise, this album is a sparse, confrontational, romantic, desperate, dark, built for the big screen, spaghetti western score classic.

Two Against One ft. Jack White – Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi

Season’s Trees ft. Norah Jones – Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi

‘Season’s Trees’ is absolutely amazing. Danger Mouse can turnĀ  my parents possibly-mentally-challenged miniature poodle into a recording superstar if he wanted. It seems like his abilities in the studio are limitless. To read more about Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi’s ‘Rome Project’, click here to stream the entire album on Rolling Stone.

Download ‘Rome’ on Mediafire

Download ‘Rome’ on Megaupload

Tron Cat

Here’s a link to Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Tron Cat’ on XXl.

here’s the download link.

The song sticks to Tyler’s usual subjects, debauchery, violence, sex. The beat and production all sound similar as well, he sticks to the same formula on this song, just bragging and going on like he usually does. Cool stuff though, good track, he sticks to the formula but does it well. Check it out.

Of Montreal’s New EP, thecontrollersphere

I’ve never been all that much of an Of Montreal fan. I know some of their tracks, and its good stuff, but I never delved very deep into the band’s catalog. They recently released a new EP, ‘thecontrollersphere’, and this time I’m actually giving them a chance. It’s pretty good. I especially like ‘Flunkt Sass vs. The Root Plume’. It’s very Pink Floydish. The entire EP is extremely experimental, and is a collage of distortion, and psychedelic sound clips.

Flunkt Sass vs. The Root Plume – Of Montreal

Rolling Stone: Hear it Now: Of Montreal – thecontrollersphere

Download thecontrollersphere