Death Cab Leak Issue

I was made aware today that the ‘Codes and Keys’ leak was no good. I know the link has been getting a lot of clicks, and for that I apologize to anyone who was sent to that bad link. I was unable to check the album thoroughly myself, and had only heard individual tracks from the album. I spent the night searching but was unable to find a link, if someone finds one and sends it in, I’d appreciate it, and I’ll keep searching too.

Also, the first person who tried to notify me of the bad link, did so in an extremely immature way, which didn’t even really explain the problem. If you have or find a problem with anything on this blog, then please do that in a mature and  respectable away. My response to the comment may have been conceived as angry, but to be honest I was not angry at all. If someone is immature enough to think that the only way to inform me of a problem is through insults, then I’m going to treat them in the exact way that they choose to present themselves. I really don’t give a shit about what people say, but if your going to act like a some crude annoying little kid, then I’m going to treat you like one. Simple as that. I love talking to anyone about music, and I’m a very agreeable person, just don’t be a dick.

Anyway, I’m sorry again that the link was bad, and that I didn’t take the time I should’ve to check the album out. Here’s ‘Some Boys’ from ‘Codes and Keys’ for now, and as soon as I find a real link to the album, I’ll post it.

Tron Cat

Here’s a link to Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Tron Cat’ on XXl.

here’s the download link.

The song sticks to Tyler’s usual subjects, debauchery, violence, sex. The beat and production all sound similar as well, he sticks to the same formula on this song, just bragging and going on like he usually does. Cool stuff though, good track, he sticks to the formula but does it well. Check it out.

Official List: Record Store Day Releases

Here is an official list of all the releases for Record Store Day, for all you vinyl lovers out there…

We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – James Vincent McMorrow

Slow, cool, catchy dubstep. That’s Adventure Club’s remix of James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘We Don’t Eat’. This song has a similar sound to a James Blake tune, but a little bit less singer songwriter and more dubby. Check it out, good stuff.


By the way, Chiddy Bang’s new single with Mac Miller is pretty dope as well. I like it more then most of the stuff off of Miller’s latest mixtape at least, and it’s always good to see more Chiddy. Better then their song with Big Sean that I loved for about a week or so but haven’t listened to since.

Heatwave (ft. Mac Miller) – Chiddy Bang