At the Drive In – One Armed Scissor Live on Jools Holland

I absolutely love this video. I’ve posted it before here but I just can’t resist throwing it up again just for fun. Absolute, utter chaos. I don’t love it for how they sound here, as much as the energy they throw in to this performance. Absolutely unbelievable. It’s so obvious that Omar’s guitar is out of tune, yet he goes hard anyway, eventually just throwing the guitar and getting into it with a tambourine, and Cedric just goes crazy to. This performance along is like a premonition of what was to come, Mars Volta being the wild and improvised band started by Omar and Cedric, and Sparta, the more typical rock band, which was started by the other members, Jim Ward and Tony Hajjar. Simply Amazing.

Teenage Riot (Live) – Sonic Youth

Teenage Riot (Live) – Sonic Youth

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (Live) – We Are Scientists

Good Morning We Are Scientists.

Love this band, plus they took their name from a Cap’n Jazz song. Cap’n Jazz is awesome too. Lots of bands take their names from Cap’n Jazz songs, We are Scientists, Scary Kids Scaring Kids.