Lupe Fiasco CBS Interview: Obama’s a Terrorist

Love Lupe Fiasco. I half expected him to just get up and walk out when she said he’s politically charged, which is an anomaly for a pop artist. If I was him I would’ve. Completely idiotic.

He’s the man though. 250 fans standing outside Atlantic Records in NYC all dressed the same yelling his name? That’s dedication. Why the dedication? Cause he’s sick.

Nas and Frank Ocean to Collaborate on Nas’ Next Album

Nas is planning on collaborating with Frank Ocean, whom he calls “a new gust of wind”, on his next album. His forthcoming album is inspired by new music, and after his last release, ‘Nas’, which he seems to feel was a somewhat incomplete or fractured release, he is ready to return to the studio. He seems much more willing to go with the flow and let what happens happen on this upcoming release, he even stated that he had over thought the music too much on his previous album.

Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ is within the top three or five greatest rap albums ever made, it’s probably one of the best albums in music in general. Although he hasn’t been able to achieve the mind blowing, almost demi-god-like lyrical state of mind he was in on his debut, the Queens born rapper has still released some solid tracks over the years.

Frank Ocean on the other had is a fast rising star and the designated RnB talent in the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All rap group. Personally I consider him to be among the most talented in the group. His music is an ethereal, kind of psychedelic RnB, with a strong dose of guitar sampling. While he has been compared to Drake by some, this guy is infinitely more talented then Drake. Comparing Frank Ocean to Drake is like comparing Family Guy to the Cleveland Show. Its Just. Not. The. Same. Just like Family Guy, Frank is on a whole other level.

So basically, I’m psyched for Nas’ next album now.

One Love – Nas

Novacane – Frank Ocean

Some Kendrick Lamar Stuff

HiiiPoWeR – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick working on HiiiPoWeR with Dr. Dre in the studio…

Here’s an old video of Kendrick talking about working with Dre…

Kendrick Lamar Interview With Lu Parker

Check out this cool interview of Kendrick Lamar from a week ago.

I’ve only been listening to him for a couple months, but he is already one of my all time favorite rappers, and judging by that interview, he’ll be very famous in due time.


Check out some of these comments about Kendrick.

“This guy deserve to incarnate hip hop

doudidou 6 hours ago”
“Future of Music.

joeguns17 6 hours ago”
“Lyrical Murdered this Shit no doubt , these lyrics will stand .. years to come ..

HeartMath309 2 weeks ago”