Humanitarian/Singer-Songwriter Skyler Jett Talks Preserving Music for Future Generations

I found this article posted by intern Hisham Dahud, which features Skyler Jett, who has worked with artists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston, discussing how to preserve music for future generations. Jett has become disenchanted with the focus on image in music industry, lack of music education and the strong digitalization of the music composition process. Personally, I love electronic instrumentation, but I wouldn’t complain if some straight up guitar, bass and drums rock’n’roll took over the charts.

Jett has an idealistic, and different approach to the preservation of the music industry which steps away from all the hysteria of free downloads and record label models and corporations, back to the basic foundations of instruments, pure talent, and education. Read his discussion on preserving music on hypebot, here.