A Musical Dedication to Our Government, Ever So In Touch With the People

Our wonderful nation of people who are 100% against big government, and therefore cut spending from all anti-business and/or pro environment, pro-welfare programs, went and created an ultra-powerful super congress in order to pass laws in a more expedient fashion. See, they tell you they hate big government by making cuts that makes it easier for rich people to get richer, they tell you they’re making the government more streamlined with this new decision making body. It’s all just an excuse for a more centralized, and powerful government, created under the guise of expediency and spending cuts.

In honor of such a momentous decision, my friends, welcome to 1984, the very real future, and the Orwellian past are bound to collide soon.

In honor of that, a little dedication to contemporary American politics…

Incubus: If Not Now, When?

Just got a hold of the ‘If Not Now, When?’ leak. Incubus helped define a generation of kids like me. They were just one of those bands my generation grew up on, and musically they are a doubt one of the more complex, talented and experimental of those bands. The excitement that comes with a new Incubus album, at least for me, is immeasurable.

One of my favorite things about Incubus is their evolution. They are the prime example of an evolving sound, a sound that remodels itself from album to album. Members of the band have said this album is a huge change, and it is supposed to define Incubus, to be a culmination of their sound.

They stick to more laid back music on this album, something similar to the softer tracks on ‘Light Grenades’, but not as hook friendly. You can trace elements of the album way back to ‘A Crow Left of the Murder’. There’s no doubt that the album feels like the next step in the Incubus discography. Not my favorite Incubus album, but you have to give them props for their ability to conistently spew out unbelievable albums.

Download ‘If Not Now, When?’

Stream ‘Adolescents’ by Incubus

Incubus remains true to their sound, while in a constant state of evolution on their most recent single, which premiered today. It can be found here. Incubus is Incubus and they make great music on a consistent basis and it is as simple as that. This is a great song, and it only makes me more excited for the new album due out July, 12. At least this song will hold me over.

Stream ‘Adolescents’ by Incubus

Incubus Completes New Material, Set for Release in August or September


Since when was Brandon Boyd so old looking?

I’m probably kind of late to this…well actually, I am late to this, but whatever. Incubus announced about a week ago or something like that, that their latest studio album has been completed, and is set for an August/September release date. Boyd has stated that the album will be different then anything then ever done before, which doesn’t shock me, considering each new album is a huge departure from the previous. Maybe that isn’t apparent to the casual fan, and considering how I’m an Incubus obsessive, I just assume everyone knows that they are one of the few contemporary rock bands to incorporate evolution into the songwriting process. Or maybe Boyd is just stating the obvious?

Whatever. All that really matters, is Incubus is releasing new material. Let me repeat that, because I know if I was reading this blog, I’d want to read that sentence twice, just because those words get me higher then an eighth straight to the face — Incubus is releasing new material late summer/early fall.