Adele, Foo Fighters and Explosions in the Sky, Make Billboard’s Charts a Little Less Annoying

I don’t follow the music charts. I hate music charts. I give them an occasional glance, but they usually just make me angry. That being said, I was reading an article on the Billboard 200 Albums chart today, and I’m actually not angry.

First of all, Adele’s ’21’ is still doing stellar on the charts. I definitely like that. Only four other albums by female artists in the past decade have had the staying power of ’21’, which is in it’s 6th non-consecutive week atop the charts.

Explosions at the Sky is also having some chart success. Their last album debuted somewhere in the 80s, but not this time around. ‘Take Care, Take Care, Take Care’ is currently at number 19 on the Billboard 200, a new high for the Texas band.

‘Wasting Light’, the latest from the Foo Fighters is still in the top ten as well. Great news for fans of rock music everywhere, the Foo Fighters are putting up a fight against the mainstream genocide of rock.

Plus it always makes me smile when Wiz Khalifa and Glee both made their down to lower spots this week. Great news.

The singles front is a little more bleak, dominated by monotone music, but at least Lady GaGa’s ‘Judas’ isn’t in the top ten, and Beyonce’s steal-an-entire-beat-from-Major-Lazer-call-it-a-sample-and-market-it-as-a-completely-new-song ‘Run the World (Girls)’ is doing even worse. Cool.

In other news, Jimi Hendrix is getting a park. Cooler

Explosions in the Sky, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, Leak & Review

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Explosions in the Sky’s upcoming release has been leaked recently. The album, titled ‘Take Care, Take Care, Take Care’, often features the band moving into unknown territory, well, at least rarely visited territory. Specifically with the occasional use of sampling as well as vocals. While no specific words are song, the album is occasional sprinkled with “oohs” and “ahhs”. Rhythmically the band remains a tight and powerful, with their signature snare rolls, as well as some wonderful head nodding grooves.

The tracks flow smoothly into each other and the album regularly fluctuates within a quite-loud dynamic. The record remains familiar, while taking small, yet significant steps in new directions, such as the occurrence of vocals, which haven’t appeared on an Explosions track for several albums, and touching upon occasionally almost conventional rock riffs, especially in the intro of the first track, ‘Last Known Surroundings’. They even throw some hip-hop-ish grooves into the mix at times, such as on the final, and darkest sounding track, and my personal favorite, ‘Let Me Back In’.

There is a sunny, and hopeful feel to the record. The band often uses their instruments to create positive moods and soaring instrumentals, and this record is no different. While they have touched on darker moods before, this album remains mostly bright and joyful throughout.

Can Explosions in the Sky do no wrong? Because this record is yet another touching, and wonderful example of what music can be.

Download ‘Take Care, Take Care, Take Care’ here.

Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean (Live) – Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky’s upcoming release leaked. I’m going to get on that a bit later today, for now, let this hold you over…


Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean (Live) – Explosions in the Sky

Not Having Enough Money to Afford Bonnaroo Tickets Sucks.

Just checked out the complete line-up for Bonnaroo this year, and it sucks to not have enough money to afford a ticket right now. While there are a few artists I’d rather avoid — pretty much unavoidable, bound to happen at any festival — for the most part, this line-up is all I could ever want in a music festival.


Crowd at Bonnaroo

Here’s a little taste of the line-up: The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield, Iron & Wine, The Decemberists, Bassnectar, Girl Talk, Explosions in the Sky, Gogol Bordello, Big Boi, Ratatat, Atmosphere, Chiddy Bang, The Drums, Wiz Khalifa, Beirut and Arcade Fire. Oh yeah, and Eminem, and Lil Wayne…you can check out the full lineup at Bonnaroo’s website.

Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) – Pixies

Your Hand in Mine (Live) – Explosions in the Sky

Psychotic Girl – the Black Keys