Dear Anne (Stan Part 2) – Lil Wayne

So Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne have released a new song, ‘Dear Anne (Stan Part 2). Apparently Swizz Beatz approached Lil Wayne with the concept of reinterpreting Eminem’s classic, ‘Stan’. Wayne accepted and throughout the song writes a letter to his number one fan over the minimalist beat. In Em’s song Stan writes constantly to his favorite artist obsessively until, since Slim Shady never writes him back, he commits a murder suicide over his obsession. Lil Wayne decided to use the opportunity to write from his own perspective, to his number one fan, in an effort to prevent Anne from experiencing the same fate as Stan.

It’s pretty well known I’m not a Lil Wayne fan, but he inconsistently drops some pretty good tunes, even some awesome ones occasionally and this ones one of those good Lil Wayne songs.

Rap is Not Pop, If You Call it That Then Stop….

Take a hint from the Abstract Poet….

Battle of Bleach

On my old school grind. What happened to bands like the Starting Line, they were great, simple, thoughtful, real, catchy. Can’t beat it, who had better bleached hair, Kenny Vasoli or Eminem?

The Starting Line



The Night Life – The Starting Line

Make Yourself At Home – The Starting Line

Guilty Conscience ft. Dr. Dre – Eminem

The Grammy Awards, Out of Touch?

Recently music industry mogul Steve Stoute took out a $40,000 ad in the newspaper to explain why the Grammys are out of touch. He stated, “As an institution that celebrates artistic works of musicians, singers, songwriters, producers and technical specialists, we have come to expect that the Grammys upholds all of the values that reflect the very best in music that is born from our culture.” I completely agree, but then things get a little weird.

Steve Stoute’s reasoning from then on is all about sales. Giving someone an award for SELLING billions of copies, and giving someone an award for TALENT are two completely different things Mr. Stoute. He is upset because, for example, Justin Bieber lost Best New Artist to Esperanza Spalding. This isn’t some Teen Choice Awards, Billboard Top 40 bullshit, Bieber shouldn’t have even been nominated for best new artist. Gaga shouldn’t have even been nominated, Rihanna, and Eminem, all of them shouldn’t have been nominated. They belong in a contest that celebrates rich celebrities who have people and record labels write music for them and really only exist as attractive packages pushed by labels to make money. The Grammys are different.

They are out of touch true, but Stoute, who called Eminem the Bob Dylan of our time, seems about as out of touch as the Grammys are. Seriously, if you think Bieber, Eminem, Gaga, Rihanna or any of them deserved a Grammy, you’re pretty stupid. The people who wrote their music at the very least should get it, but even then, its not like it takes much talent or effort to write a Top 40 hit, just a lot of good marketing. The Grammys should be exclusively for people who a). write their own music, b). create innovative works of art c). help move the music industry forward towards a better future.

Love the Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna) – Eminem

I Want You – Bob Dylan

The people who Stoute said should’ve won a). are forced by labels to either, sing other people’s songs or write with people provided by their label, so the music is rarely actually wholly created by the “artist” in question, b). you can’t tell me there is a whole lot of variety in mainstream music, its marketing basics, they’re giving the people what they want, not what’s real c). its a much discussed, and pretty well proven idea that the music industry has been running itself into the ground for years. who does the music industry use to power this self destructive process? The very people Mr. Stoute is suggesting should win.

Not Having Enough Money to Afford Bonnaroo Tickets Sucks.

Just checked out the complete line-up for Bonnaroo this year, and it sucks to not have enough money to afford a ticket right now. While there are a few artists I’d rather avoid — pretty much unavoidable, bound to happen at any festival — for the most part, this line-up is all I could ever want in a music festival.


Crowd at Bonnaroo

Here’s a little taste of the line-up: The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield, Iron & Wine, The Decemberists, Bassnectar, Girl Talk, Explosions in the Sky, Gogol Bordello, Big Boi, Ratatat, Atmosphere, Chiddy Bang, The Drums, Wiz Khalifa, Beirut and Arcade Fire. Oh yeah, and Eminem, and Lil Wayne…you can check out the full lineup at Bonnaroo’s website.

Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) – Pixies

Your Hand in Mine (Live) – Explosions in the Sky

Psychotic Girl – the Black Keys