‘Crew Love’ ft. the Weeknd – Drake

‘Crew Love’ is an absolutely unbelievable exercise in mind-blowing, spontaneous dynamic shifts, and atmospheric left-of-field R&B. While this is technically a Drake song, it’s obvious who dominates it, The Weeknd, AKA, Abel Tesfaye. Crushing barrages of bass, luscious synth textures beneath Tesfaye’s silk falsetto, all qualities which fit  comfortably into the Weeknd’s catalog. Drake does his best to keep up, and in the past he’s proven he can, such as on the Drake dominated track, ‘The Zone’ from The Weeknd’s mixtape, ‘Thursday’, but this time he just comes across as average. The track is very top-heavy in terms of quality , with the first half dominated by Tesfaye’s hypnotic R&B swagger, and the second half and Drake’s verse just getting by in comparison. Check it out…

‘Faith Pt. 2’ ft. DraKe – k-Os

K-Os dropped the second part of his collaboration with Drake, ‘Faith Pt. 2’ recently. For some reason, Drake has been occasionally impressing me lately, he’s dropped some awesome stuff, like his feature on the Weeknd’s ‘The Zone’. He still releases some pretty bad stuff, but on occasion he drops a fire verse like this. This is again, Drake in peak form, and K-Os is awesome, as always. He’s always been an extremely talented lyricist, singer, rapper and instrumentalist. Can’t help but enjoy a good jam from him, this is Canadian music at its finest. Download it here.

‘Teach You A Lesson’ – Drake ft. Robin Thicke

It’s rare that I straight up enjoy a Drake song, or even a Drake feature, thoroughly. ‘I’m Goin’ In’ and ‘The Zone’ are two great songs with Drake. Here’s another. Robin Thicke is an awesome singer who previously made an appearance on one of Lil’ Wayne’s best, ‘Shooter’. While Drake’s verse is pretty good here on ‘Teach You a Lesson’, Robin Thicke straight up steals the show. This song just pleases all the way through. Some old school love makin’ music.

Hypem Highlights

I’m calling for a Jack Johnson, Drake collaboration after hearing this mashup. I hated the original Forever by Drake, but add a touch of Jack Johnson and watch this song get 1,000x better.

Download it Here

In other news, Nas recently released a track using the instrumental from Swizz Beatz’s “Top Down”. While Swizzy’s verses are okay at best, producer first, rapper second, Nas tears the track apart.


Download it Here

One more for you. Dubstep DJ KillaGraham released a nasty remix of Kid Cudi’s “Cudi Zone”. Also featured in the blog below is his remix of “Say it Ain’t So” by Weezer.


Download it Here


Oh and here’s a nice frat party banger too: Paris Blue (Death to the Throne Remix) – Lykke Li

Drake Shows Kendrick Lamar Some Love

I’m a little late to this, but Courtney just turned me on to a post featuring Kendrick Lamar on Drake’s blog, posted a couple days ago. Now anyone who knows me knows that, besides a few songs, I’m really not a fan of Drakes. I think he’s wildly inconsistent, and while he does release some great tunes, most of it is garbage.

But, anyone who knows me, and anyone who reads this blog also knows, that I truly and honestly believe Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers in the game, not like Wiz Khalifa is one of the best rappers in the game cause I enjoy his music, but like how Mos Def or Common are the best because they are lyrically poetic and truthful and have an impeccable choice of beats [and I enjoy their music]. This kid is no Mos Def or Common rip off though, Kendrick Lamar (formerly K. Dot) is the real thing. He’s getting love from Drake, he’s taking the Datpiff.com/blogosphere by storm, and he’s due to be featured on Dr. Dre’s “Detox”, the only reason I’m looking forward to that album after “I Need A Doctor”.

I’m telling all of you, right now, I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it a million and one, maybe even a million and two, Kendrick Lamar will blow up. If he does not blow up, my faith in mainstream music will be shattered and I will officially believe that the general American public is as about intelligent, as a whole, as a rock. And not a pet rock, or a cool shiny rock, just some misshapen, ugly one.