BADBADNOTGOOD Ditches Jazz Standards, Instead Reinterprates Hip-Hop

The best thing to come out of my love for Odd Future wasn’t a rapper, it wasn’t a show, it wasn’t skateboarding, and it wasn’t hilarious interviews. It was a teenage jazz band from Canada. BADBADNOTGOOD has me absolutely captivated. I first discovered them through a jam session they did with Tyler, the Creator, and haven’t stopped listening since (I’ll post the Tyler, the Creator, and Goblin sessions on a new post). They’re a jazz group that met at Humbler College, and have since made a name for themselves jamming on hip-hop music. Their attitude is that jazz was amazing because it was so new when it came out, and jazz standards are only still played because that is what the older generations know, but younger generations don’t care about jazz standards as much, so how do you attract younger generations? Replace jazz standards with the hip-hop hits of today, songs that teenagers all know, and reinterpret those songs. Turn hip-hop into the new standard, not to recreate, but to reinterpret. Keyboardist Tavares put it best in an interview with Exclaim, “For me, the reason you can play jazz standards is because old people know those melodies. They can hear “Stella By Starlight” on Jazz FM and know how it goes. So if you play a hip-hop song that people know, they can hear your version and appreciate what’s happening. A young person doesn’t give a fuck how you play “Stella By Starlight.”

Stream their debut album, BBNG, through Bandcamp below, or download it on mediafire here, or both…

Phil the Thrill – ‘Make You Famous’

Check this new single out from Virginia rapper, Phil the Thrill. This guy has got a mean flow, and on top of that, he puts actual thought into his rhyme schemes and lyrics. Despite the intelligence in his lyrics though, Phil the Thrill still manages to throw in catchy hooks with a mainstream sound. Part of that is because of producer Abstract. I went to high school with Abstract, collaborated with him, watched him work and I’ve posted about his music a few times before. His beats are straight dirty and with Phil the Thrill busting out downright filthy flows over them, the songs like ‘Make You Famous’ are nothing short of straight bangers. Phil the Thrill’s mixtape, ‘Barely Awake’, drops on Oct. 25, but for the next few days satiate your hunger for beats and flows with ‘Make You Famous’.

Some Cheshire Cat

blink-182 in their prime. Just a couple high school losers making some snotty, hilarious, teenage pop infused punk. Can’t beat it. My personal favorite blink-182 album. I usually don’t talk about blink this much. Even though their new album is God awful, the fact that its out there just causes me to think about them a lot more I guess. Don’t put yourself through the pain of getting ‘Neighborhoods’, just download ‘Cheshire Cat’ and cherish the old days.

‘Sometimes’ – blink-182

‘Cacophony’ – blink-182

‘Carousel’ – blink-182

Voters Have Decided, The Best Rap Debut of All Time is ‘Illmatic’

Nas won this poll, with Biggie’s ‘Ready to Die’ taking a close second. I’ve always swayed back and forth, every time I listen to either of those albums I discover something new, something that sways me, it is so difficult to choose between them, they’re master pieces. I’m kind of shocked ‘Reasonable Doubt’ did so terrible though, that was a little sad. Anyway, the people have decided, so here’s some Nas for you, and if you’ve never heard ‘Illmatic’ before, you’re insane, and you should get on that.

‘The World Is Yours’ – Nas

‘Life’s a Bitch’ ft. AZ – Nas

The Guru – ‘Barracuda Hands’

Check out this unbelievable dance track from The Guru, ‘Barracuda Hands’. I listened to this track because the band’s name reminded me of the late, great, Guru, although their styles couldn’t be more different. Described as disco-rock, the edgy, almost punkish sound in combination with freakishly danceable rhythm comes across as a perfect marriage of genres. Plus the scream Mario Party a few times, and their ain’t nothing wrong with Mario Party. Check out rest of the album below ‘Barracuda Hands’, or at their Bandcamp site  here.

Wonderwall – Inspired Flight

I love when songs have a trip hop feel to them. That really relaxed melody over a hip hop beat with a little swing and swagger, something you can relax with, but nod your head to at the same time. This style was heavily pioneered by the likes of artists such as Zero 7 or  Portishead. This cover of ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis has that feel to it. Really smooth beat absolutely littered with easily recognizable samples that blend together into a laid back, trippy collage of unbelievable music.

Download this track free here

Download The Weeknd’s New Mixtape, Thursday

Click to download Abel's new mixtape as The Weeknd, Thursday

 I couldn’t resist. Classic picture.

I love the reggae vibe on this track…