Amy Winehouse Joins The 27 Club

Amy Winehouse was found dead of a drug overdose this morning. The talented singer died at the age of 27. I never really listened to her much, but there is absolutely no denying her talent. She will be missed as one of the consistently fewer and fewer true talents in contemporary mainstream music.

Gil Scott-Heron Found Dead at 62

Legendary musician and revolutionary poet Gil Scott-Heron was found in his apartment dead on May, 27. The cause of death has not been announced. Scott-Heron is considered to be a forefather of hip-hop, and has achieved a cult following across a number of music and poetry circles for his work.

The artist suffered from severe drug addiction and released only one album between 1982 and 2010. In a recent interview in Scott-Heron’s cramped Harlem apartment he openly smoked crack and occasionally fell asleep during the interview. Despite his severe addiction he has performed recently as well as released an album recently.

I actually sat down last night and thought wow, I haven’t listened to Gil Scott-Heron in a while. I put on ‘Pieces of a Man’ before I went to bed and gave it a better listen then I ever really had. Kind of strange to wake up the next morning and see a headline saying he was found dead.

Lady Day and John Coltrane – Gil Scott-Heron

My Cloud ft. Jamie XX – Gil Scott-Heron

Absolutely Tragic News: TV on the Radio Bassist Gerard Smith Dies

TV on the Radio announced bassist Gerard Smith, who had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, died yesterday, April, 20, at age 36. He was diagnosed shortly after ‘Nine Types of Light’ was finished, the group has canceled their upcoming shows in order to mourn the death of their close friend.

I was just not expecting to see this headline at all, ever. I was convinced he’d win the battle and be fine. It is so sad to see a member of one of my favorite groups die at 36. He will be missed.

Wolf Like Me (Live on Letterman) – TV on the Radio

Dancing Choose (Live on Letterman) – TV on the Radio

Staring at the Sun – TV on the Radio

Bear Stanley in Fatal Car Crash

Augustus Owsley Bear Stanley

Yesterday, March 13th, Owsley “Bear” Stanley, godfather of psychedelic and ┬ámanager of the Grateful Dead, died in a fatal car crash near his Queensland home.

Bear Stanley came to prominence as one of the more prominent producers of LSD, during the hippie/Summer of Love/psychedelic era. Many artists went on to write songs about Stanley and his infamous batches of acid. He also managed the Grateful Dead for sometime, and helped invent their Wall of Sound speaker system for their live shows.

Stanley was a mainstay in the hippie movement and cemented himself as one of the founders along with the likes of Ken Kesey, the Grateful Dead and others, in San Francisco.

Ripple (Live) – Grateful Dead