Space Jam Jaye – Fairy Tales & Lost Dreams

Space Jam Jaye’s Fairy Tales & Lost Dreams mixtape is ill. It reminds me of Kid Cudi, with similar beats and an often introspective lyrical style. This shouldn’t be thought of as a copy of Cudi, but it will be a good job of filling the void he’s left.

Listen to the Mixtape

Download on DatPiff

Check Out The Kid Daytona

I’m putting The Kid Daytona’s mixtape ‘The Interlude’ on my ipod after hearing only like, three songs, because I have so much faith it’s going to be good. That’s precious space, I don’t have to waste, on music that I’m not 100% sure about, on my old school hand-me-down ipod nano. Check it out on DatPiff, I’m using the precious little space I have on my ipod to give him a chance. The mixtape is a tribute to 90’s hip-hop and contains 90’s rap samples and little nods here and there. It’s pretty sick from what I’ve heard.

Download Kid Daytona’s ‘The Interlude’ on DatPiff

Happy 420, Here’s Some New Must Have Curren$y

Happy Four20. It’s no coincidence that today is also the day Curren$y posted his latest mixtape, ‘Covert Coup’ on Datpiff. The mixtape is produced entirely by Alchemist. Give him credit, the Alchemist produced a mixtape that Hurricane Chris could sound good on. These beats are dirty.

Click the image below to download ‘Covert Curren$y

Click the image to download Curren$y's 'Covert Coup' on DatPiff

Then there’s Curren$y. He’ always remains in good form and consistent. He continues to flex his lyrical abilities on this latest mixtape, which features a few guest appearances as well, including Mobb Deep member Prodigy. This mixtape is straight fire, thats the way I’ve seen a few people describe it and I can’t think of a better word. Necessary download.

The Type ft. Prodigy – Curren$y

Blood, Sweat and Gears ft. Fiend – Curren$y

Graphic, Obscene, and Damn Good, Tyler the Creator

I’ve been seeing Tyler the Creator’s name popping up in a few places, so I figure now is the time to write about him before he either fades away back into obscurity or blows up to the point of exasperation. Because of his lyrical style, I can see him having some hits, but I think he will be a cult icon more then anything. I do think he is one of the best of the whole shock/horror/porn rap kind of scene, and he’s just blowing up, so he has years ahead to hone his talent.


Tyler the Creator

At 20, Tyler and his brother Earl Sweatshirt, along with their crew, OFWGKTA, have been making a name for themselves releasing tracks out of their hometown of Los Angeles. Tyler’s previous album, Bastard, is pretty good, and on DatPiff. It’s worth a listen before checking out his next release, due to drop in April, Goblin.

Lyrically, he is graphic, misogynistic and surreal. While his subject matter might turn some off, the way he ties the lines of his verses together with intricate and wordplay and imagery is amazing. Besides that, one only has to hear the beats, which consist of a laid back, scratchy feel about as surreal as his lyrics, are fitting and catchy.

I Follow You (Tyler the Creator Mix) – Lykke Li Download

Here’s the song that has been receiving so much attention lately, “Yonkers”:

Yonkers – Tyler the Creator


AssMilk ft. Earl Sweatshirt – Tyler the Creator

I’m Dying for When Fish Ride Bicycles

As springtime itches increasingly closer, I’m dying for some upcoming release dates. I’ve been listening to the Cool Kids obsessively, in anticipation of their upcoming release, When Fish Ride Bicycles. Especially after hearing Bundle Up, I’m ready for the next release.

In the meantime though, the Tacklebox mixtape is working pretty well for me. The three song combination of Freak City, So Neat, and Go Camping towards the beginning of the mixtape is amazing. The three tracks flow into each other perfectly and are flawless.

You can download Tacklebox here on Datpiff, or you can just wait for When Fish Ride Bicycles.

Freak City – the Cool Kids

So Neat – the Cool Kids

Gone Camping – the Cool Kids

Drake Shows Kendrick Lamar Some Love

I’m a little late to this, but Courtney just turned me on to a post featuring Kendrick Lamar on Drake’s blog, posted a couple days ago. Now anyone who knows me knows that, besides a few songs, I’m really not a fan of Drakes. I think he’s wildly inconsistent, and while he does release some great tunes, most of it is garbage.

But, anyone who knows me, and anyone who reads this blog also knows, that I truly and honestly believe Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers in the game, not like Wiz Khalifa is one of the best rappers in the game cause I enjoy his music, but like how Mos Def or Common are the best because they are lyrically poetic and truthful and have an impeccable choice of beats [and I enjoy their music]. This kid is no Mos Def or Common rip off though, Kendrick Lamar (formerly K. Dot) is the real thing. He’s getting love from Drake, he’s taking the by storm, and he’s due to be featured on Dr. Dre’s “Detox”, the only reason I’m looking forward to that album after “I Need A Doctor”.

I’m telling all of you, right now, I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it a million and one, maybe even a million and two, Kendrick Lamar will blow up. If he does not blow up, my faith in mainstream music will be shattered and I will officially believe that the general American public is as about intelligent, as a whole, as a rock. And not a pet rock, or a cool shiny rock, just some misshapen, ugly one.

Kendrick Lamar, A Legend.

Ight, my man Kendrick Lamar is killin it. Seriously, I downloaded O.verly D.edicated today from and I’m giving it a first listen right now. I’m on the fourth track right now. He is so good I’m dropping a twitter link in here just so you twitter people out there can jam on that,!/kendrick_lamar  . I’m gonna drop a quote from my man Abstract here, “, i believe u to man, his beat selection is impeccable, his flows dirty, and his subject matter is real as fuck”. It’s true, a great example of his subject matter is Cut You Off. In that song he describes the negative vibes people are throwing at him by discussing rumors about pregnancies and murders, rims and gangs. I can imagine him dropping a great verse on a smooth Roots tune, or a Common track, some laid back jam from way back or something.


Cover Art for O.verly D.edicated from

O.verly D.edicated on DatPiff

At the same time though he can easily flip the other way and drop a great brag track such as Michael Jordan ft. Schoolboy Q. Kendrick Lamar can easily be something big in the future and should be. He is an amazing artist, when commenting on his to a friend of mine who helped me discover him, I described him as a legend. I guarantee, in the future, he will be. If he isn’t, I’ve lost faith in people’s understanding of music.


Interview with Kendrick Lamar on