The Best Long Island Band You Probably Never Heard

A small part of the reason I started this was to promote Long Island music. I’ve always loved the music scene where I come from, powerful melodic punk music all over the place, with touches of reggae and an impressive underground rap scene. I mean come on, Busta Rhymes? Erik B. and Rakim? Aesop Rock, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday. One of my favorite bands though, a band I have clung to since high school, through changing music tastes and a plethora of new artists, is a band that never got to see the mainstream, I don’t know if they ever tried to. I’ve posted them here before, I’m sure of that, but I was listening to their last album on the bus today, and couldn’t help but dropping a few tunes on here. Check it out people, the one, the only, Crime in Stereo. Gives me chills, seriously. Wish I got to see them live before they broke up…

Crime In Stereo Live

One of the best bands out of Long Island ever. An absolutely unbelievable band. Its sad I never got to see them.

Indie/Emocore/Melodic Playlist

Marigold & Patchwork – The Appleseed Cast

Oh Messy Life – Cap’n Jazz

Do You Know Who You Are? – Texas is the Reason

Unfinished – Mineral

In Fear and Faith – Circa Survive

Spit Survival – On the Might of Princes

Third Atlantic – Crime in Stereo

Johnny on the Spot – Texas is the Reason

Killed by an Angel – Sunny Day Real Estate

I’m a Loner Dottie, A Rebel – The Get Up Kids

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