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Nas and Frank Ocean to Collaborate on Nas’ Next Album

Nas is planning on collaborating with Frank Ocean, whom he calls “a new gust of wind”, on his next album. His forthcoming album is inspired by new music, and after his last release, ‘Nas’, which he seems to feel was a somewhat incomplete or fractured release, he is ready to return to the studio. He seems much more willing to go with the flow and let what happens happen on this upcoming release, he even stated that he had over thought the music too much on his previous album.

Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ is within the top three or five greatest rap albums ever made, it’s probably one of the best albums in music in general. Although he hasn’t been able to achieve the mind blowing, almost demi-god-like lyrical state of mind he was in on his debut, the Queens born rapper has still released some solid tracks over the years.

Frank Ocean on the other had is a fast rising star and the designated RnB talent in the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All rap group. Personally I consider him to be among the most talented in the group. His music is an ethereal, kind of psychedelic RnB, with a strong dose of guitar sampling. While he has been compared to Drake by some, this guy is infinitely more talented then Drake. Comparing Frank Ocean to Drake is like comparing Family Guy to the Cleveland Show. Its Just. Not. The. Same. Just like Family Guy, Frank is on a whole other level.

So basically, I’m psyched for Nas’ next album now.

One Love – Nas

Novacane – Frank Ocean

Adele, Foo Fighters and Explosions in the Sky, Make Billboard’s Charts a Little Less Annoying

I don’t follow the music charts. I hate music charts. I give them an occasional glance, but they usually just make me angry. That being said, I was reading an article on the Billboard 200 Albums chart today, and I’m actually not angry.

First of all, Adele’s ’21’ is still doing stellar on the charts. I definitely like that. Only four other albums by female artists in the past decade have had the staying power of ’21’, which is in it’s 6th non-consecutive week atop the charts.

Explosions at the Sky is also having some chart success. Their last album debuted somewhere in the 80s, but not this time around. ‘Take Care, Take Care, Take Care’ is currently at number 19 on the Billboard 200, a new high for the Texas band.

‘Wasting Light’, the latest from the Foo Fighters is still in the top ten as well. Great news for fans of rock music everywhere, the Foo Fighters are putting up a fight against the mainstream genocide of rock.

Plus it always makes me smile when Wiz Khalifa and Glee both made their down to lower spots this week. Great news.

The singles front is a little more bleak, dominated by monotone music, but at least Lady GaGa’s ‘Judas’ isn’t in the top ten, and Beyonce’s steal-an-entire-beat-from-Major-Lazer-call-it-a-sample-and-market-it-as-a-completely-new-song ‘Run the World (Girls)’ is doing even worse. Cool.

In other news, Jimi Hendrix is getting a park. Cooler

Who Knew Skinny White Girls Who Graduated from Stanford Good Rap So Well?

Over the past year or so, I’ve been spreading around the word about K. Flay. I can only name a couple of people who listen to the California based rapper on a regular basis, but I take some comfort in knowing I’m at least, not the only K. Flay fan on campus. I even have a K. Flay sticker on her laptop (look for the purple crown on her laptop in the video below). And I am a huge fan, her raps are intelligent and lighthearted, her ability to tell stories through her humorous and insightful wordplay is hard to find.


If you’re a fan of big Nicki Minaj, either prepare to have your mind blown by an infinitely more intelligent and talented rapper, or prepare to be disappointed since you don’t seem to have a very good taste in music. I got an email today from K. Flay’s newsletter, and apparently she’s releasing her next mixtape, “I Stopped Caring in ’96” in bundles throughout the month of April begining on the 1st.

She also performed for Billboard’s Mashup Mondays. Using the Zombie’s “Time of the Season”, a song which I never really paid much attention to, since I can only guess it was way before my time, but its actually a great song. Really, wow that’s a great song. Anyway, K. Flay shows off on her drum machine for a bit, before setting up a loop to play. Afterwards she does what she does best, singing for a little bit, before flowing into her rap. Her vocals are pretty soft, and you can tell she holds back from really letting loose. While that bothered me a bit, and seemed to take from the flow of the song, I do like the sound of her voice like that.

For some reason WordPress isn’t letting me embed a YouTube video right now, but check the song out here.

For more from K. Flay’s day at Billboard, go here: K. Flay Reawakens the Zombies