Middle States EP, Appleseed Cast

Middle States EP Cover Art

New month, new releases. We’ve dropped K. Flay’s mixtape, the latest TV on the Radio leak, and now, some Appleseed Cast. Appleseed Cast’s EP ‘Middle States’ was released for digital download on March, 29, which means inevitably, it got leaked on to mediafire.

The EP sticks to the sound the group has honed over the years. They make heavy use of melody, instrumental passages characterized by guitar arpeggios, and complex rhythms and drumming.

Appleseed Cast has never been a band to be overlooked and their latest EP, ‘Middle States’ is a melodic collage of guitar driven rock that shouldn’t be ignored. The 14 minute long ‘Three Rivers’ stands out, as if the previous three tracks were leading up to this extensive exploration of melody and progression.

Middle States EP – Appleseed Cast

Middle States – Appleseed Cast


On Reflection (Live in Vancouver) – Appleseed Cast

A quick tune before bed.

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Third Atlantic – Crime in Stereo

Johnny on the Spot – Texas is the Reason

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