‘Crew Love’ ft. the Weeknd – Drake

‘Crew Love’ is an absolutely unbelievable exercise in mind-blowing, spontaneous dynamic shifts, and atmospheric left-of-field R&B. While this is technically a Drake song, it’s obvious who dominates it, The Weeknd, AKA, Abel Tesfaye. Crushing barrages of bass, luscious synth textures beneath Tesfaye’s silk falsetto, all qualities which fit  comfortably into the Weeknd’s catalog. Drake does his best to keep up, and in the past he’s proven he can, such as on the Drake dominated track, ‘The Zone’ from The Weeknd’s mixtape, ‘Thursday’, but this time he just comes across as average. The track is very top-heavy in terms of quality , with the first half dominated by Tesfaye’s hypnotic R&B swagger, and the second half and Drake’s verse just getting by in comparison. Check it out…

The Weeknd is Here

Yesterday I said I was going to write up a post on The Weeknd, AKA, Toronto native Abel Tesfaye. Today, The Weeknd was featured as an Artist to Watch on Rolling Stone. Additionally he has been receiving attention from fellow Toronto native Drake, and is even followed by the prolific producer Diplo on Twitter.

The haunting and atmospheric R&B that is The Weeknd’s latest release, ‘House of Balloons’ is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The mixtape, which contains samples from artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Beach House, and even traces of dubstep is an astoundingly smooth collage of sound.

Soft synths and brooding guitars compliment Abel’s powerful voice seamlessly. And, although The Weeknd has been promoted by Drake occasionally, this is no autotune R&B, rap, mixtape. This is real, and this is powerful and this is dark soulful music. This is good music, this is amazing music. This is a must download, idiosyncratic, catchy without being in your face radio friendly repetitive.

Not only is the music amazing, not only is Abel Tesfaye’s voice a perfect fit for the music, but he can write lyrics, and he can write them well, “From the morning to the evening/Pains from the tenant/Got the walls kickin like they six months pregnant /Drinking Alaze without cereal for breakfast/Girls calling cabs at dawn quoted to seven”.

I’ve never really been a fan of R&B music, but if this is the future of the genre, then I’m bound to become a huge fan, very soon. House of Balloons deserves awards, attention, respect, everything.

The Morning – The Weeknd

House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls- The Weeknd

Here is the link to the House of Balloons mixtape on DatPiff.