Try and Guess Who Sampled This

Can you guess the classic rap song that sampled this old school jewel?

Click here to find out…

The 90s Are All That Premiere, Best Night Ever


90s Nickelodeon transcends all blog subjects and limitations.

Check Out The Kid Daytona

I’m putting The Kid Daytona’s mixtape ‘The Interlude’ on my ipod after hearing only like, three songs, because I have so much faith it’s going to be good. That’s precious space, I don’t have to waste, on music that I’m not 100% sure about, on my old school hand-me-down ipod nano. Check it out on DatPiff, I’m using the precious little space I have on my ipod to give him a chance. The mixtape is a tribute to 90’s hip-hop and contains 90’s rap samples and little nods here and there. It’s pretty sick from what I’ve heard.

Download Kid Daytona’s ‘The Interlude’ on DatPiff

It’s Bands Like This That Make Me Miss the Nineties

My coworker a couple cubicles away was just bumping Third Eye Blind. I love Third Eye Blind. Their eponymous debut was the ultimate combination of pop melodies and dirty, post-grunge foundations. You can never, ever go wrong by putting that album on. No filler, true album based music, something which I am a huge fan of in these single driven times. Nod your head to some Third Eye Blind and let your mind wonder to better days, the 90s.