Some Late Night Robotaki Highlights

Robotaki’s remix of that DJ Shadow song was so unbelievable I had to cruise his Soundcloud and dig out some more sweet tracks. He takes a very house-ish approach to a good amount of his stuff, a different direction then the DJ Shadow remix, but not bad. I feel like he really does stand out on smoother, more hip-hopish beats. For example:

However he can rock a dirty disco track as well. This dude can seriously craft some pretty funky bangers.

‘All Good’ – Illa J

Check out the legendary J Dilla’s brother, Illa J, on this velvety smooth  jazz beat. A great track to chillax to on this warm post-Thanksgiving break Sunday.

Pilgrims in Paradise – Lashmove

Facebook is really creepy. I see everything, everyone does, without trying. It’s scary, I don’t like it. That being said, sometimes a gem of a post will show up in my newsfeed that I can’t ignore. Enjoy…

Scale it Back ft. Little Dragon – DJ Shadow (Robotaki Remix)

I know it’s been awhile and I’ve been pretty infrequent on here. I’ve had a lot to do lately, apologies. I’ll get back to posting on a more regular basis pretty soon, for now chill out with this ill remix.

‘Crew Love’ ft. the Weeknd – Drake

‘Crew Love’ is an absolutely unbelievable exercise in mind-blowing, spontaneous dynamic shifts, and atmospheric left-of-field R&B. While this is technically a Drake song, it’s obvious who dominates it, The Weeknd, AKA, Abel Tesfaye. Crushing barrages of bass, luscious synth textures beneath Tesfaye’s silk falsetto, all qualities which fit  comfortably into the Weeknd’s catalog. Drake does his best to keep up, and in the past he’s proven he can, such as on the Drake dominated track, ‘The Zone’ from The Weeknd’s mixtape, ‘Thursday’, but this time he just comes across as average. The track is very top-heavy in terms of quality , with the first half dominated by Tesfaye’s hypnotic R&B swagger, and the second half and Drake’s verse just getting by in comparison. Check it out…

Try and Guess Who Sampled This

Can you guess the classic rap song that sampled this old school jewel?

Click here to find out…

At the Drive In – One Armed Scissor Live on Jools Holland

I absolutely love this video. I’ve posted it before here but I just can’t resist throwing it up again just for fun. Absolute, utter chaos. I don’t love it for how they sound here, as much as the energy they throw in to this performance. Absolutely unbelievable. It’s so obvious that Omar’s guitar is out of tune, yet he goes hard anyway, eventually just throwing the guitar and getting into it with a tambourine, and Cedric just goes crazy to. This performance along is like a premonition of what was to come, Mars Volta being the wild and improvised band started by Omar and Cedric, and Sparta, the more typical rock band, which was started by the other members, Jim Ward and Tony Hajjar. Simply Amazing.