The Fierce and the Dead – If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving to Morecambe’

Introducing, The Fierce and the Dead, a band who belongs among the ranks of bands such as Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky and all those other wonderful progressive bands who use their musical abilities to create atmosphere and beautiful soundscapes. The UK group began as a solo project of Matt Stevens, but evolved into a band, with a critically acclaimed 19 minute long, single song EP under their belts. Now they are back with the instrumental tour de force ‘If it Carries On Like This We Are Moving to Morecambe’. The songs are shorter in length, with only 3 surpassing the 5 minute mark, but that by no means diminishes the unbelievable quality of each and every song. Constant shifts in sound a dynamics keep this album interesting and the listener on their toes. I took in every soundbyte like drops of water, a lifesaving force in a desert landscape of contemporary music. ‘Daddies Little Helper’ is the highlight of the album with an amazing guest sax appearance by Terry Edwards.

This band defied all my expectations. I am absolutely amazed. Get this album. It is unbelievable.