Women’s soccer fights to tie in a demanding match 

The winless women’s soccer team came from down a goal against the University of Maine on Friday in order to manage a 1-1 draw in their fourth overtime game of the season. The team came into the game touting a 0-5-2 record. Despite the persistent zero in the win column, the tie came as a relief after a physical match with a bigger, more experienced team.

“It was good for us to come back from down a goal,” Head Coach Tracy Leone said, “When you’re … trying so hard to get a win then all of the sudden you get a goal scored on you and you’re actually playing well and creating some good chances, I think it was a good testament of our character to come back from down a goal.”

Much of the game was a battle for possession as the Huskies managed to outplay Maine on offense in spite of the scoreline at Parsons Field. The game-tying-goal came in the 81st minute with a brilliantly arched header from sophomore midfielder Morgan Hilby off a corner kick from senior forward Hanna Terry. Hilby’s high-flying header came after hours of repetition in practice sessions in which set-pieces are often emphasized.

“Every practice, especially before game days, we go through a lot of set pieces and a lot of corners,” Terry said. “And we had what, like eight corners this game? So I was like, ‘okay come on one of these has got to go in.’ So I just knew that if I was gonna hit it back post someone’s gonna be there and Morgan’s one of our strongest players in the air. So I’m stoked. She nailed exactly what we had planned in practice.”

Northeastern began the game pressing hard into Maine’s half of the field with numerous attempts to work through their back line. The Huskies ended the scoreless first half with six shots from a variety of players including Terry and Hilby. Maine finished the half with just two.

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