‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ – J. Cole

Since the first time I listened to it, J. Cole’s ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’, is all I’ve listened to. The day after it came out, I got it, and I initially enjoyed it, and decided I need to put it on my iPod, which has very little space on it, I take iPod space very seriously. But J. Cole had to be on it. He turns down the synth and brings back the samples full force and with genius. Every guitar strum, every beat accent, every chorus is on time and provides intricate backdrops for his intelligent flows. While not as complex in his lyrics as his Compton counterpart and occasional partner, Kendrick Lamar, he brings a wealth of hooks and pop appeal to his work. J. Cole is the full deal, he has it all, the irresistible hooks, the intelligent lines, the sampling over synth production (besides the absolute banger, Mr. Nice Watch). This guy is a true artist on his first major label release, he will make waves in the industry.Stream samples of the whole album at his website.

‘Can’t Get Enough’ ft. Trey Songz

‘Mr. Nice Watch’ ft. Jay-z

‘Lights Please’

‘Nobodys Perfect’ ft. Missy Elliot

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