A Tribute to The Crazy Donkey

Heard today that the Crazy Donkey, in Farmingdale, NY is closing. I used to rip on that place all the time, but really, I had some of my better high school memories there as well. Countless times I’ve moshed in front of that stage and bought those over priced Red Bulls. Once I was even hanging with one of the bands playing a set later that evening, and joyfully watched as they snuck in through the back and raided the place for alcohol. It might have been a guido haven on those club nights, but, those countless nights when bands like Long Island favorite Patent Pending, or a slew of other homegrown famous artists such as Taking Back Sunday, are a significant portion of my priceless high school memories. Apparently it is set to reopen as a sports themed bar with skimpily dressed waitresses. I love sports and I love skimpily dressed women, but can they really replace such precious nights? Well…maybe, but still, football and sex will never replace giant conga lines led by Mike and Joe Ragosta, through the bar out the door and back on to the stage to ‘Cheer Up Emo Kid’. So here is a tribute to that bar on Route 110 next to the mini golf complex where so many memories were made.

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