What’s Up With Example’s New Single?

Are you kidding me with Example’s new shit? I remember when I first heard about him, when he released ‘Hooligans’ with Don Diablo, he was fucking sick. That was when my love for electronic music was really blossoming, and that was definitely one of the hardest, best songs of the year. That shit had 10 times more energy then anything Skrillex has released.

Now he’s got that new shit, ‘Changed The Way You Kissed Me’? That song is terrible, he comes off as a rapper who’s in it for love of the game, not for the cash, but when after this release, you’ve gotta question his motives a bit. I’ll stick with Example’s older tracks, thank you. The mosh pit intensity of ‘Hooligans’ as well as the old school, ecstasy fueled fun of ‘Me & Mandy’ dwarf any argument in favor of that poor excuse for a new release, step it up Example, I like you, it makes me sad when you release shit like ‘Changed The Wat You Kissed Me’. I mean, I get his into the techno shit, but c’mon stick to the ill bangers, not that 1rst grade poetry bullshit. There’s some signs of what could’ve been a quality song in his latest single, but, he’s proved he can do much better.

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