A Review of ‘Watch The Throne’, by Kanye West and Jay-Z

And ‘Watch the Throne’ has finally dropped, and almighty duo has finally dropped their first full length collaboration. I’ll tell you one thing off the bat, I wish this collaboration happened earlier. If it’s this good now, imagine how good it would’ve been like six years ago. Unbelievable.

The album starts off decent, with a Frank Ocean guest spot in ‘No Church in the Wild’. The beat is pretty cool, I like the guitar sample, and Frank Ocean is always good. The imagery in the lyrics seems a little forced though. Then it leads in to a clubby Beyonce feature. An obvious future single, and that’s just about it as far as substance goes. ‘Niggas in Paris’ probably has he best verses of the album so far. It’s kind of a transition into the better sections of the album. Then ‘Otis’, which is a great track, I originally thought it was to repetitive, but I’m falling for it a bit more each time. ‘Gotta Have It’ has a cool beat that’s kind of a collage of Kanye’s beats over the years. ‘New Day’ is a pretty good introspective track about each rapper’s future sons. It provides a  smooth, much needed calming point in the album. Then there’s ‘That’s My Bitch’, which is definitely a stand out track on the album. The moment I heard it I knew Q-Tip had a hand in making that beat. ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ comes through as a pretty good headnoddin’ track following ‘That’s My Bitch’. The guitar sample is great and the staggering snares through the verse drive the track pretty well.

‘Who Gon Stop Me’ was apparently called up for the album by the record label, which doesn’t surprise me, but it wasn’t a bad decision. This is a pretty good dubstep banger actually. I’m definitely going to hear it way to much in the following month though. ‘Murder to Excellence’ is a great sudden escape from the excess of dubstep. In interesting track split between a Murder half and an Excellent half.

‘Made in America’ is probably Frank Ocean’s better feature, but when he says Sweet Baby Jesus all I can think of is Talladega nights. I love the Mr. Hudson sample on the following track, ‘Why I Love You’. That song with Caspa he had, ‘Love Never Dies’, was unbelievable, so it’s good to hear it come back, and possibly have a decent resurgence off this track.

I got the bonus version, so I’ll mention those tracks as well. ‘Illest Motherfucker Alive’ is decent, no stand out off of this album though. Then there’s H.A.M. The last two bonus tracks are awesome though. ‘Primetime’ contains an awesome old school sample with a great piano progression. Then that’s followed by ‘The Joy’, a Curtis Mayfield sample, one of the best tracks on the album. I’m so confused as to why ‘Primetime’ and ‘The Joy’ are bonus tracks when they’re two of the best tracks.

‘Watch the Throne’ is an album of some good tracks, some bangers, sprinkled with touches of absolute genius, and some amazing tracks. Get past the for sale pop filler, trim some of the fat, and this album contains some truly legendary material.

Download ‘Watch The Throne’ Here

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