‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ – The Cool Kids

Check it, we just got the link to The Cool Kid’s ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’. So far after listening to about half the album, ‘Penny Hardaway’ is still my favorite. None of the tracks really compare to some of their older classics ‘A Little Bit Cooler’, but it may grow on me over time, I dunno. They all have potential, I mean, no doubt The Cool Kids have created a unique and awesome sound. Plus ‘Sour Apples’ is probably the best hip-hop song Travis Barker has ever done. Despite what he thinks, for the most part besides that song and the Transplants, his rap shit isn’t that great.

‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ has some great party potential, it doesn’t really challenge you to think, but then again that was never really what The Cool Kids were about, they were about being cool, and they achieve it time after time, they remain some of the coolest in the game. The epitome of the name of a group describing their sound.

Download ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ (Mediafire)

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