Michael Todd of Coheed and Cambria Held Up a Pharmacy, Then Opened For Soundgarden

This is pretty fucking wild. So, apparently, the bassist of Coheed and Cambria, Michael Todd, held up a pharmacy in Massachusetts, hours before opening up for Soundgarden. Apparently the crazy motherfucker turned out to be a zombie and attacked the pharmacist….just kidding…music video reference. Seriously though, he held a gun to the guys head and demanded six bottles of Oxycontin. Then he took a cab, from the robbery, to the venue, with the Oxycontin, and was tracked to the show by the police where he was arrested.

The Mugshot says it all.

Yeah he’s a pretty bad Oxycontin addict obviously, and this sucks for Coheed and Cambria, but I can’t lie I’ve been kinda laughing this entire blog. He held up the pharmacy, took a cab to the venue from the robbery, then opened up for Soundgarden? Charlie Sheen is way overrated and over-exploited, but the only word that describes this, up until the arrest is winning. After that, well, the mugshot says it all.

The only Coheed song I ever liked…

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