Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted, a pretty fast and wild two weeks. Starting classes kind of got me back in the groove of things though, and of course, the groove always leads to tunegrape.

First of all, Kendrick Lamar released Section.80 on July 2. I’ve been waiting for Section.80 forever. Now that I finally have given the album a few listens, I’ve been trying to come to a final decision on it. Section.80 is difficult to dissect. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, whether its the complexity of the music that I need time to grasp or if this album simply is not as good as O.verly D.edicated. It doesn’t have a the feel that O.verly D.edicted did, the glue that held OD together, the common theme that ran through it.

At the same time some of these tracks are unbelievable, and you can tell Kendrick tried very hard. He wanted this to change the world, maybe his ambitions are what hold this album back, maybe it needs to be done looser, with a more carefree feel.

Those are a couple simple criticisms though, beyond that, it’s obvious Kendrick remains one of the truest and most intelligent rappers in the game, and Section.80 is a must listen. ‘Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice)’, ‘Rigamortus’, Kush & Corinthians’ and ‘Hol’ Up’ are definitely must listens, the highlights of the album. ‘Fuck Your Ethnicity’ is a very interesting track and of course, ‘HiiiPower’ has been around for a while and is an awesome song.


Download Section.80

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