Incubus: If Not Now, When?

Just got a hold of the ‘If Not Now, When?’ leak. Incubus helped define a generation of kids like me. They were just one of those bands my generation grew up on, and musically they are a doubt one of the more complex, talented and experimental of those bands. The excitement that comes with a new Incubus album, at least for me, is immeasurable.

One of my favorite things about Incubus is their evolution. They are the prime example of an evolving sound, a sound that remodels itself from album to album. Members of the band have said this album is a huge change, and it is supposed to define Incubus, to be a culmination of their sound.

They stick to more laid back music on this album, something similar to the softer tracks on ‘Light Grenades’, but not as hook friendly. You can trace elements of the album way back to ‘A Crow Left of the Murder’. There’s no doubt that the album feels like the next step in the Incubus discography. Not my favorite Incubus album, but you have to give them props for their ability to conistently spew out unbelievable albums.

Download ‘If Not Now, When?’

2 Comments on “Incubus: If Not Now, When?”

  1. Gurdit says:

    I’ve only heard it once, and I didn’t like it. I’m old-school Incubus fan, though I’d laugh at my use of that term. I loved Make Yourself, Morning View and ACLOTM. Light grenades did evolve quite a bit, but I learnt to like a few tracks off it. This one, though…I don’t know. It’s a paradox that we diss bands for not evolving, but at the same time, when they do something new, we feel sometimes feel let down and disoriented. Incubus music used to be my go-to music. At the end of the day, I could put on any of the aforementioned albums and listen to it without feeling like changing the disc.

    Also, though I’ve only heard it once, Brandon sounds really uninspired. And his lyrics are going majorly downhill now. They’re not creative, they’re not clever, and it just feels like he’s writing for the teens now. The only track on this album that excited me was “In the company of Wolves”. To me, a song like “Sick Sad Little World” should be the culmination of Incubus’ sound. It’s hard and soft, it doesn’t compromise with length and musically, it’s mindblowing. Each and every member of the band gets a chance to shine on that track. If the new album is the direction the band is heading it, it feels like they’re now overconfident and just playing whatever they feel like playing — whatever comes easy to them.

  2. tunegrape says:

    I understand you man. It’s definitely not the best Incubus album, at this point, I’d say it’s more toward the bottom actually. Personally I’m all about Make Yourself, Fungus Amongus, and A Crow Left of the Murder. The thing is, they don’t really have a single bad album. Like, you could say this album is their worse album, but in relative terms, that might not be too bad. I mean, their worst album could be an album that’s just okay. There are moments on ‘If Not Now, When?’ that definitely stand out to me among the Incubus catalog as pretty amazing, but as a whole, they could definitely do better.

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