Quick Rolling Stone and Lady Gaga Rant.

“We once spoke with Steve Greenberg, former Columbia Records president, founder of S-Curve Records and discoverer of the Jonas Brothers, and he speculated that Gaga would have sold 50 million albums if she’d only had the foresight to arrive in the mid-Nineties rather than the late 2000s.”

I always thought Rolling Stone was pretty cool. I mean Hunter S. Thompson was awesome, they promote some good bands and they review music. Sick. But their GaGa obsession is disgusting. If GaGa had decided to arrive in the Mid-90s instead of now, the vast majority of the population would call bullshit and Cobain’s shotgun would’ve been pointed towards her face instead of his.

Rolling Stone should get Lady GaGa’s cock out of their throats, recognize their old status as a somewhat rebellious publication, stop comforming to bullshit music and expectations and stop loving Lady I’m a Fake Ass Attention Whore Fucking Over Exploitation of Success GaGa.

Why the fuck would anyone ever believe Steve Greenberg? Major labels run much of the corrupt industry which seeks to exploit even the smallest hints of success until they are far overused. It’s all about money and never about talent. It’s all about fighting evolution. So yeah, this guy knows what’s going on? He found the fucking Jonas Brothers. I’d have a bit more respect for him if he had signed maybe Radiohead? But the Jonas Brothers? All I need to do is find 4 nerds, slap a couple of chastity rings on them, have a couple 40 year old guys write some songs, hand them to the nerds, dress them like idiots and drop them on stage with a Disney banner. Not to fucking hard Mr. Greenberg.

Only reason she sold over a million records is because Amazon sold it ‘Born This Way’ for 99 cents. Someone I work with even bought the album the day it came out it was so cheap. But he still hasn’t listened, and has no immediate intentions of doing so. People just like when things are 10x cheaper then usual. After the whole 99 cents thing ended her album sales dropped by 84%. 84 fucking percent. Her sales depend completely on how she is manipulated by the industry which stands behind her. Stop trying to fuck her shoulder horns and start talking about real music Rolling Stone.


P.S. Hey GaGa, I heard you used to get bullied because you had a fake tan and you were in theater and had a big nose? And thats inspiration for your whole acceptance bullshit? Everyone gets bullied in school its fucking life deal. And you’re upset cause you got bullied because you had a fake tan? You deserve it bitch. You’re one step above fucking Snooki.

One Comment on “Quick Rolling Stone and Lady Gaga Rant.”

  1. bruno says:

    $authorfake tan uses melanin to work

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